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func ToContainerInstance

func ToContainerInstance(ecsInstance ecs.ContainerInstance, clusterARN string) types.ContainerInstance

ToContainerInstance tranlates an ECS container instance to the internal container instance type

func ToTask

func ToTask(ecsTask ecs.Task) types.Task

ToTask tranlates an ECS task to the internal task type


type ContainerInstanceLoader

type ContainerInstanceLoader interface {
	LoadContainerInstances() error

ContainerInstanceLoader defines the interface to load container instances from the data store and ECS and to merge the same.

func NewContainerInstanceLoader

func NewContainerInstanceLoader(instanceStore store.ContainerInstanceStore, ecsClient ecsiface.ECSAPI) ContainerInstanceLoader

type ECSWrapper

type ECSWrapper interface {
	ListAllClusters() ([]*string, error)
	ListTasksWithDesiredStatus(clusterARN *string, desiredStatus *string) ([]*string, error)
	DescribeTasks(clusterARN *string, taskARNs []*string) ([]types.Task, []string, error)
	ListAllContainerInstances(clusterARN *string) ([]*string, error)
	DescribeContainerInstances(clusterARN *string, instanceARNs []*string) ([]types.ContainerInstance, []string, error)

ECSWrapper defines methods to access wrapper methods to call ECS APIs

func NewECSWrapper

func NewECSWrapper(ecsClient ecsiface.ECSAPI) ECSWrapper

type TaskLoader

type TaskLoader interface {
	LoadTasks() error

TaskLoader defines the interface to load container tasks from the data store and ECS and to merge the same.

func NewTaskLoader

func NewTaskLoader(taskStore store.TaskStore, ecsClient ecsiface.ECSAPI) TaskLoader

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