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const (
	ClusterNameRegex            = "^" + clusterNameRegexWithoutStart
	ClusterARNRegex             = "^(arn:aws:ecs:)([\\-\\w]+):[0-9]{12}:(cluster)/" + clusterNameRegexWithoutStart
	ClusterNameAsARNSuffixRegex = "/" + clusterNameRegexWithoutStart
	TaskARNRegex                = "^(arn:aws:ecs):([\\-\\w]+):[0-9]{12}:(task)\\/[\\-\\w]+$"
	InstanceARNRegex            = "^(arn:aws:ecs:)([\\-\\w]+):[0-9]{12}:(container\\-instance)\\/[\\-\\w]+$"


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func GetClusterNameFromARN

func GetClusterNameFromARN(clusterARN string) (string, error)

GetClusterNameFromARN extracts the cluster name from a cluster ARN

func GetEntityVersion

func GetEntityVersion(entityVersion string) (int64, error)

GetEntityVersion extracts the entity version as an int.

func IsClusterARN

func IsClusterARN(clusterARN string) bool

IsClusterARN validates a cluster ARN against the cluster ARN regex

func IsClusterName

func IsClusterName(clusterName string) bool

IsClusterName validates a cluster name against the cluster name regex

func IsEntityVersion

func IsEntityVersion(entityVersion string) bool

IsEntityVersion validates an entity version as a positive integer

func IsInstanceARN

func IsInstanceARN(instanceARN string) bool

IsInstanceARN validates an instance ARN against the instance ARN regex

func IsTaskARN

func IsTaskARN(taskARN string) bool

IsTaskARN validates a task ARN against the task ARN regex


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