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type ContainerInstanceStore

type ContainerInstanceStore interface {
	AddContainerInstance(instance string) error
	GetContainerInstance(cluster string, instanceARN string) (*storetypes.VersionedContainerInstance, error)
	ListContainerInstances() ([]storetypes.VersionedContainerInstance, error)
	FilterContainerInstances(filterMap map[string]string) ([]storetypes.VersionedContainerInstance, error)
	StreamContainerInstances(ctx context.Context, entityVersion string) (chan storetypes.VersionedContainerInstance, error)
	DeleteContainerInstance(cluster, instanceARN string) error

ContainerInstanceStore defines methods to access container instances from the datastore

func NewContainerInstanceStore

func NewContainerInstanceStore(ds DataStore, ts EtcdTXStore) (ContainerInstanceStore, error)

NewContainerInstanceStore inistializes the eventInstanceStore struct

type DataStore

type DataStore interface {
	GetWithPrefix(keyPrefix string) (map[string]storetypes.Entity, error)
	Get(key string) (map[string]storetypes.Entity, error)
	Add(key string, value string) error
	StreamWithPrefix(ctx context.Context, keyPrefix string, entityVersion string) (chan map[string]storetypes.Entity, error)
	Delete(key string) (int64, error)

DataStore defines methods to access the database

func NewDataStore

func NewDataStore(etcdInterface clients.EtcdInterface) (DataStore, error)

NewDataStore initializes the etcdDataStore struct

type EtcdTXStore

type EtcdTXStore interface {
	GetV3Client() *clientv3.Client
	NewSTMRepeatable(context.Context, *clientv3.Client, func(concurrency.STM) error) (*clientv3.TxnResponse, error)

EtcdTXStore defines methods to support etcd's STM

func NewEtcdTXStore

func NewEtcdTXStore(v3Client *clientv3.Client) (EtcdTXStore, error)

NewEtcdTXStore initializs the etcdTransactionalStore struct

type STMApplier

type STMApplier struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type Stores

type Stores struct {
	TaskStore              TaskStore
	ContainerInstanceStore ContainerInstanceStore

func NewStores

func NewStores(datastore DataStore, etcdTXStore EtcdTXStore) (Stores, error)

type TaskStore

type TaskStore interface {
	AddTask(task string) error
	GetTask(cluster string, taskARN string) (*storetypes.VersionedTask, error)
	ListTasks() ([]storetypes.VersionedTask, error)
	FilterTasks(filterMap map[string]string) ([]storetypes.VersionedTask, error)
	StreamTasks(ctx context.Context, entityVersion string) (chan storetypes.VersionedTask, error)
	DeleteTask(cluster, taskARN string) error

TaskStore defines methods to access tasks from the datastore

func NewTaskStore

func NewTaskStore(ds DataStore, ts EtcdTXStore) (TaskStore, error)

NewTaskStore initializes the eventTaskStore struct


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