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const (
	// MaxAllocatableVlanIds is the maximum number of Vlan Ids that can be allocated per trunk.
	MaxAllocatableVlanIds = 121
	// MaxDeleteRetries is the maximum number of times the ENI will be retried before being removed from the delete queue
	MaxDeleteRetries = 3


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var (
	InterfaceTypeTrunk   = "trunk"
	TrunkEniDescription  = "trunk-eni"
	BranchEniDescription = "branch-eni"
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var (
	ErrCurrentlyAtMaxCapacity = fmt.Errorf("cannot create more branches at this point as used branches plus the " +
		"delete queue is at max capacity")


func PrometheusRegister

func PrometheusRegister()


type ENIDetails

type ENIDetails struct {
	// BranchENId is the network interface id of the branch interface
	ID string `json:"eniId"`
	// MacAdd is the MAC address of the network interface
	MACAdd string `json:"ifAddress"`
	// IPv4 and/or IPv6 address assigned to the branch Network interface
	IPV4Addr string `json:"privateIp"`
	IPV6Addr string `json:"ipv6Addr"`
	// VlanId is the VlanId of the branch network interface
	VlanID int `json:"vlanId"`
	// SubnetCIDR is the CIDR block of the subnet
	SubnetCIDR   string `json:"subnetCidr"`
	SubnetV6CIDR string `json:"subnetV6Cidr"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PodENI is a json convertible structure that stores the Branch ENI details that can be used by the CNI plugin or the component consuming the resource

type IntrospectResponse added in v1.1.0

type IntrospectResponse struct {
	TrunkENIID     string
	InstanceID     string
	PodToBranchENI map[string][]ENIDetails
	DeleteQueue    []ENIDetails

type IntrospectSummaryResponse added in v1.3.0

type IntrospectSummaryResponse struct {
	TrunkENIID     string
	InstanceID     string
	BranchENICount int
	DeleteQueueLen int

type TrunkENI

type TrunkENI interface {
	// InitTrunk initializes trunk interface
	InitTrunk(instance ec2.EC2Instance, pods []v1.Pod) error
	// CreateAndAssociateBranchENIs creates and associate branch interface/s to trunk interface
	CreateAndAssociateBranchENIs(pod *v1.Pod, securityGroups []string, eniCount int) ([]*ENIDetails, error)
	// PushBranchENIsToCoolDownQueue pushes the branch interface belonging to the pod to the cool down queue
	PushBranchENIsToCoolDownQueue(UID string)
	// DeleteCooledDownENIs deletes the interfaces that have been sitting in the queue for cool down period
	// Reconcile compares the cache state with the list of pods to identify events that were missed and clean up the dangling interfaces
	Reconcile(pods []v1.Pod) bool
	// PushENIsToFrontOfDeleteQueue pushes the eni network interfaces to the front of the delete queue
	PushENIsToFrontOfDeleteQueue(*v1.Pod, []*ENIDetails)
	// DeleteAllBranchENIs deletes all the branch ENI associated with the trunk and also clears the cool down queue
	// Introspect returns the state of the Trunk ENI
	Introspect() IntrospectResponse

func NewTrunkENI

func NewTrunkENI(logger logr.Logger, instance ec2.EC2Instance, helper api.EC2APIHelper) TrunkENI

NewTrunkENI returns a new Trunk ENI interface.

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