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func GetErrorInfo

func GetErrorInfo(decoder *json.Decoder) (errorType string, message string, err error)

    GetErrorInfo util looks for code, __type, and message members in the json body. These members are optionally available, and the function returns the value of member if it is available. This function is useful to identify the error code, msg in a REST JSON error response.

    func GetSmithyGenericAPIError

    func GetSmithyGenericAPIError(decoder *json.Decoder, errorCode string) (*smithy.GenericAPIError, error)

      GetSmithyGenericAPIError returns smithy generic api error and an error interface. Takes in json decoder, and error Code string as args. The function retrieves error message and error code from the decoder body. If errorCode of length greater than 0 is passed in as an argument, it is used instead.

      func SanitizeErrorCode

      func SanitizeErrorCode(errorCode string) string

        SanitizeErrorCode sanitizes the errorCode string . The rule for sanitizing is if a `:` character is present, then take only the contents before the first : character in the value. If a # character is present, then take only the contents after the first # character in the value.


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