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const BucketPrefix = "aws-sdk-go-v2-integration"

    BucketPrefix is the root prefix of integration test buckets.


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    func CleanupBucket

    func CleanupBucket(client *s3.Client, bucketName string) error

      CleanupBucket deletes the contents of a S3 bucket, before deleting the bucket it self.

      func CreateFileOfSize

      func CreateFileOfSize(dir string, size int64) (*os.File, error)

        CreateFileOfSize will return an *os.File that is of size bytes

        func GenerateBucketName

        func GenerateBucketName() string

          GenerateBucketName returns a unique bucket name.

          func MustUUID

          func MustUUID() string

            MustUUID returns an UUID string or panics

            func SetupBucket

            func SetupBucket(client *s3.Client, bucketName, region string) (err error)

              SetupBucket returns a test bucket created for the integration tests.

              func SizeToName

              func SizeToName(size int) string

                SizeToName returns a human-readable string for the given size bytes


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