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type CredentialScope

type CredentialScope struct {
	Region  string
	Service string

    CredentialScope is the credential scope of a region and service

    type Endpoint

    type Endpoint struct {
    	// True if the endpoint cannot be resolved for this partition/region/service
    	Unresolveable aws.Ternary
    	Hostname  string
    	Protocols []string
    	CredentialScope CredentialScope
    	SignatureVersions []string `json:"signatureVersions"`

      Endpoint is a service endpoint description

      type Endpoints

      type Endpoints map[string]Endpoint

        Endpoints is a map of service config regions to endpoints

        type Options

        type Options struct {
        	// Disable usage of HTTPS (TLS / SSL)
        	DisableHTTPS bool

          Options provide configuration needed to direct how endpoints are resolved.

          type Partition

          type Partition struct {
          	ID                string
          	RegionRegex       *regexp.Regexp
          	PartitionEndpoint string
          	IsRegionalized    bool
          	Defaults          Endpoint
          	Endpoints         Endpoints

            Partition is an AWS partition description for a service and its' region endpoints.

            func (Partition) ResolveEndpoint

            func (p Partition) ResolveEndpoint(region string, options Options) (resolved aws.Endpoint, err error)

              ResolveEndpoint resolves and service endpoint for the given region and options.

              type Partitions

              type Partitions []Partition

                Partitions is a slice of partition

                func (Partitions) ResolveEndpoint

                func (ps Partitions) ResolveEndpoint(region string, opts Options) (aws.Endpoint, error)

                  ResolveEndpoint resolves a service endpoint for the given region and options.

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