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type Client

type Client struct {
	RootPath        string              // RootPath is the path to the root of a multi-module git repository.
	ShortenModPath  func(string) string // ShortenModPath shortens a module's import path to be a relative path from the RootPath.
	LengthenModPath func(string) string // LengthenModPath lengthens a module's import path to be the full import path.

    Client gets information about Go modules and packages.

    func (Client) Checksum

    func (c Client) Checksum(mod, version string) (string, error)

      Checksum returns the given module's Go checksum at the specified version.

      func (Client) Dependencies

      func (c Client) Dependencies(mod string) ([]string, error)

        Dependencies returns a list of all modules that the module mod depends on.

        func (Client) Packages

        func (c Client) Packages(mod string) ([]string, error)

          Packages returns a slice of packages that are part of the module mod.

          func (Client) Tidy

          func (c Client) Tidy(mod string) error

            Tidy runs go mod tidy on the specified module.

            type ModuleClient

            type ModuleClient interface {
            	Dependencies(mod string) ([]string, error)
            	Packages(mod string) ([]string, error)
            	Checksum(mod, version string) (string, error)
            	Tidy(mod string) error

              ModuleClient gets dependency and package information about go modules.

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