Package customizations provides customizations for the Glacier API client.

Computing tree hash and sha256 checksum

Glacier requires not only a sha256 checksum header, but also a tree hash. These can be set as inputs to the relevant commands, but in most cases this would just be tedious boilerplate. So if the checksums have not been provided, the client will automatically calculate them.



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func AddDefaultAccountIDMiddleware

func AddDefaultAccountIDMiddleware(stack *middleware.Stack, setDefaultAccountID setDefaultAccountID) error

    AddDefaultAccountIDMiddleware adds the DefaultAccountID to the stack using the given options.

    func AddGlacierAPIVersionMiddleware

    func AddGlacierAPIVersionMiddleware(stack *middleware.Stack, apiVersion string) error

      AddGlacierAPIVersionMiddleware explicitly add handling for the Glacier api version middleware to the operation stack.

      func AddTreeHashMiddleware

      func AddTreeHashMiddleware(stack *middleware.Stack) error

        AddTreeHashMiddleware adds middleware needed to automatically calculate Glacier's required checksum headers.


        type DefaultAccountID

        type DefaultAccountID struct {
        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

          DefaultAccountID sets the account ID to "-" if it isn't already set

          func (*DefaultAccountID) HandleInitialize

            HandleInitialize implements the InitializeMiddleware interface

            func (*DefaultAccountID) ID

            func (*DefaultAccountID) ID() string

              ID returns the id of the middleware

              type GlacierAPIVersion

              type GlacierAPIVersion struct {
              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                GlacierAPIVersion handles automatically setting Glacier's API version header.

                func (*GlacierAPIVersion) HandleSerialize

                func (m *GlacierAPIVersion) HandleSerialize(
                	ctx context.Context, input middleware.SerializeInput, next middleware.SerializeHandler,
                ) (
                	output middleware.SerializeOutput, metadata middleware.Metadata, err error,

                  HandleSerialize implements the SerializeMiddleware interface

                  func (*GlacierAPIVersion) ID

                  func (*GlacierAPIVersion) ID() string

                    ID returns the id for the middleware.

                    type Hash

                    type Hash struct {
                    	TreeHash   []byte
                    	LinearHash []byte

                      Hash contains information about the tree-hash and linear hash of a Glacier payload. This structure is generated by computeHashes().

                      type TreeHash

                      type TreeHash struct{}

                        TreeHash provides the middleware that will automatically set the sha256 and tree hash headers if they have not already been set.

                        func (*TreeHash) HandleFinalize

                        func (*TreeHash) HandleFinalize(
                        	ctx context.Context, input middleware.FinalizeInput, next middleware.FinalizeHandler,
                        ) (
                        	output middleware.FinalizeOutput, metadata middleware.Metadata, err error,

                          HandleFinalize implements the finalize middleware handler method

                          func (*TreeHash) ID

                          func (*TreeHash) ID() string

                            ID returns the middleware ID.