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func IsARN

func IsARN(s string) bool

    IsARN returns whether the given string is an ARN

    func SplitResource

    func SplitResource(v string) []string

      SplitResource splits the resource components by the ARN resource delimiters.


      type AccessPointARN

      type AccessPointARN struct {
      	AccessPointName string

        AccessPointARN provides representation

        func ParseAccessPointResource

        func ParseAccessPointResource(a arn.ARN, resParts []string) (AccessPointARN, error)

          ParseAccessPointResource attempts to parse the ARN's resource as an AccessPoint resource.

          Supported Access point resource format:

          - Access point format: arn:{partition}:s3:{region}:{accountId}:accesspoint/{accesspointName}
          - example:

          func (AccessPointARN) GetARN

          func (a AccessPointARN) GetARN() arn.ARN

            GetARN returns the base ARN for the Access Point resource

            type InvalidARNError

            type InvalidARNError struct {
            	ARN    arn.ARN
            	Reason string

              InvalidARNError provides the error for an invalid ARN error.

              func (InvalidARNError) Error

              func (e InvalidARNError) Error() string

                Error returns a string denoting the occurred InvalidARNError

                type OutpostARN

                type OutpostARN interface {
                	GetOutpostID() string

                  OutpostARN interface that should be satisfied by outpost ARNs

                  func ParseOutpostARNResource

                  func ParseOutpostARNResource(a arn.ARN, resParts []string) (OutpostARN, error)

                    ParseOutpostARNResource will parse a provided ARNs resource using the appropriate ARN format and return a specific OutpostARN type

                    Currently supported outpost ARN formats: * Outpost AccessPoint ARN format:

                    - ARN format: arn:{partition}:s3-outposts:{region}:{accountId}:outpost/{outpostId}/accesspoint/{accesspointName}
                    - example: arn:aws:s3-outposts:us-west-2:012345678901:outpost/op-1234567890123456/accesspoint/myaccesspoint

                    * Outpost Bucket ARN format:

                    - ARN format: arn:{partition}:s3-outposts:{region}:{accountId}:outpost/{outpostId}/bucket/{bucketName}
                    - example: arn:aws:s3-outposts:us-west-2:012345678901:outpost/op-1234567890123456/bucket/mybucket

                    Other outpost ARN formats may be supported and added in the future.

                    type OutpostAccessPointARN

                    type OutpostAccessPointARN struct {
                    	OutpostID string

                      OutpostAccessPointARN represents outpost access point ARN.

                      func (OutpostAccessPointARN) GetOutpostID

                      func (o OutpostAccessPointARN) GetOutpostID() string

                        GetOutpostID returns the outpost id of outpost access point arn

                        type OutpostBucketARN

                        type OutpostBucketARN struct {
                        	BucketName string
                        	OutpostID  string

                          OutpostBucketARN represents the outpost bucket ARN.

                          func (OutpostBucketARN) GetARN

                          func (o OutpostBucketARN) GetARN() arn.ARN

                            GetARN retrives the base ARN from outpost bucket ARN resource

                            func (OutpostBucketARN) GetOutpostID

                            func (o OutpostBucketARN) GetOutpostID() string

                              GetOutpostID returns the outpost id of outpost bucket arn

                              type Resource

                              type Resource interface {
                              	GetARN() arn.ARN
                              	String() string

                                Resource provides the interfaces abstracting ARNs of specific resource types.

                                func ParseResource

                                func ParseResource(a arn.ARN, resParser ResourceParser) (resARN Resource, err error)

                                  ParseResource parses an AWS ARN into a typed resource for the S3 API.

                                  type ResourceParser

                                  type ResourceParser func(arn.ARN) (Resource, error)

                                    ResourceParser provides the function for parsing an ARN's resource component into a typed resource.