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type EdgeMetric

type EdgeMetric struct {

	// The dimension of metrics published.
	Dimension *string

	// Returns the name of the metric.
	MetricName *string

	// Timestamp of when the metric was requested.
	Timestamp *time.Time

	// Returns the value of the metric.
	Value float64

    Information required for edge device metrics.

    type InternalServiceException

    type InternalServiceException struct {
    	Message *string

      An internal failure occurred. Try your request again. If the problem persists, contact AWS customer support.

      func (*InternalServiceException) Error

      func (e *InternalServiceException) Error() string

      func (*InternalServiceException) ErrorCode

      func (e *InternalServiceException) ErrorCode() string

      func (*InternalServiceException) ErrorFault

      func (e *InternalServiceException) ErrorFault() smithy.ErrorFault

      func (*InternalServiceException) ErrorMessage

      func (e *InternalServiceException) ErrorMessage() string

      type Model

      type Model struct {
      	// The timestamp of the last inference that was made.
      	LatestInference *time.Time
      	// The timestamp of the last data sample taken.
      	LatestSampleTime *time.Time
      	// Information required for model metrics.
      	ModelMetrics []EdgeMetric
      	// The name of the model.
      	ModelName *string
      	// The version of the model.
      	ModelVersion *string

        Information about a model deployed on an edge device that is registered with SageMaker Edge Manager.

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