Package xml is XML testing package that supports XML comparison utility. The package consists of ToStruct and StructToXML utils that help sort XML elements as per their nesting level. ToStruct function converts an XML document into a sorted tree node structure, while StructToXML converts the sorted XML nodes into a sorted XML document. SortXML function should be used to sort an XML document. It can be configured to ignore indentation



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    func SortXML

    func SortXML(r io.Reader, ignoreIndentation bool) (string, error)

      SortXML sorts the reader's XML elements

      func StructToXML

      func StructToXML(e *xml.Encoder, node *Node, sorted bool) error

        StructToXML writes an Node to a xml.Encoder as tokens.


        type Node

        type Node struct {
        	Name     xml.Name           `json:",omitempty"`
        	Children map[string][]*Node `json:",omitempty"`
        	Text     string             `json:",omitempty"`
        	Attr     []xml.Attr         `json:",omitempty"`
        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

          A Node contains the values to be encoded or decoded.

          func NewXMLElement

          func NewXMLElement(name xml.Name) *Node

            NewXMLElement returns a pointer to a new Node initialized to default values.

            func ToStruct

            func ToStruct(d *xml.Decoder, s *xml.StartElement, ignoreIndentation bool) (*Node, error)

              ToStruct converts a xml.Decoder stream to Node with nested values.

              func (*Node) AddChild

              func (n *Node) AddChild(child *Node)

                AddChild adds child to the Node.