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type DefaultFormattingStrategy

type DefaultFormattingStrategy struct {
	FrameCount int

    DefaultFormattingStrategy is the default implementation of the ExceptionFormattingStrategy and has a configurable frame count.

    func NewDefaultFormattingStrategy

    func NewDefaultFormattingStrategy() (*DefaultFormattingStrategy, error)

      NewDefaultFormattingStrategy initializes DefaultFormattingStrategy with default value of frame count.

      func NewDefaultFormattingStrategyWithDefinedErrorFrameCount

      func NewDefaultFormattingStrategyWithDefinedErrorFrameCount(frameCount int) (*DefaultFormattingStrategy, error)

        NewDefaultFormattingStrategyWithDefinedErrorFrameCount initializes DefaultFormattingStrategy with customer defined frame count.

        func (*DefaultFormattingStrategy) Error

        func (dEFS *DefaultFormattingStrategy) Error(message string) *XRayError

          Error returns the value of XRayError by given error message.

          func (*DefaultFormattingStrategy) Errorf

          func (dEFS *DefaultFormattingStrategy) Errorf(formatString string, args ...interface{}) *XRayError

            Errorf formats according to a format specifier and returns value of XRayError.

            func (*DefaultFormattingStrategy) ExceptionFromError

            func (dEFS *DefaultFormattingStrategy) ExceptionFromError(err error) Exception

              ExceptionFromError takes an error and returns value of Exception

              func (*DefaultFormattingStrategy) Panic

              func (dEFS *DefaultFormattingStrategy) Panic(message string) *XRayError

                Panic records error type as panic in segment and returns value of XRayError.

                func (*DefaultFormattingStrategy) Panicf

                func (dEFS *DefaultFormattingStrategy) Panicf(formatString string, args ...interface{}) *XRayError

                  Panicf formats according to a format specifier and returns value of XRayError.

                  type Exception

                  type Exception struct {
                  	ID      string  `json:"id,omitempty"`
                  	Type    string  `json:"type,omitempty"`
                  	Message string  `json:"message,omitempty"`
                  	Stack   []Stack `json:"stack,omitempty"`
                  	Remote  bool    `json:"remote,omitempty"`

                    Exception provides the shape for unmarshalling an exception.

                    type FormattingStrategy

                    type FormattingStrategy interface {
                    	Error(message string) *XRayError
                    	Errorf(formatString string, args ...interface{}) *XRayError
                    	Panic(message string) *XRayError
                    	Panicf(formatString string, args ...interface{}) *XRayError
                    	ExceptionFromError(err error) Exception

                      FormattingStrategy provides an interface for implementing methods that format errors and exceptions.

                      type MultiError

                      type MultiError []error

                        MultiError is a type for a slice of error.

                        func (MultiError) Error

                        func (e MultiError) Error() string

                          Error returns a string format of concatenating multiple errors.

                          type Stack

                          type Stack struct {
                          	Path  string `json:"path,omitempty"`
                          	Line  int    `json:"line,omitempty"`
                          	Label string `json:"label,omitempty"`

                            Stack provides the shape for unmarshalling an stack.

                            type StackTracer

                            type StackTracer interface {
                            	StackTrace() []uintptr

                              StackTracer is an interface for implementing StackTrace method.

                              type XRayError

                              type XRayError struct {
                              	Type    string
                              	Message string
                              	Stack   []uintptr

                                XRayError records error type, message, and a slice of stack frame pointers.

                                func (*XRayError) Error

                                func (e *XRayError) Error() string

                                  Error returns the value of error message.

                                  func (*XRayError) StackTrace

                                  func (e *XRayError) StackTrace() []uintptr

                                    StackTrace returns a slice of integer pointers.