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type Client

type Client interface {
	CreateRepo(ctx context.Context, org string, repo *goGithub.Repository) (*goGithub.Repository, *goGithub.Response, error)
	Repo(ctx context.Context, owner, repo string) (*goGithub.Repository, *goGithub.Response, error)
	User(ctx context.Context, user string) (*goGithub.User, *goGithub.Response, error)
	Organization(ctx context.Context, org string) (*goGithub.Organization, *goGithub.Response, error)
	GetContents(ctx context.Context, owner, repo, path string, opt *goGithub.RepositoryContentGetOptions) (
		fileContent *goGithub.RepositoryContent, directoryContent []*goGithub.RepositoryContent, resp *goGithub.Response, err error,

type GoGithub

type GoGithub struct {
	Opts   Options
	Client Client

func New

func New(ctx context.Context, opts Options) *GoGithub

func (*GoGithub) AuthenticatedUser

func (g *GoGithub) AuthenticatedUser(ctx context.Context) (*goGithub.User, error)

func (*GoGithub) CheckAccessTokenPermissions

func (g *GoGithub) CheckAccessTokenPermissions(checkPATPermission string, allPermissionScopes string) error

func (*GoGithub) CreateRepo

func (g *GoGithub) CreateRepo(ctx context.Context, opts git.CreateRepoOpts) (repository *git.Repository, err error)

CreateRepo creates an empty Github Repository. The repository must be initialized locally or file must be added to it via the github api before it can be successfully cloned.

func (*GoGithub) GetAccessTokenPermissions

func (g *GoGithub) GetAccessTokenPermissions(accessToken string) (string, error)

func (*GoGithub) GetRepo

func (g *GoGithub) GetRepo(ctx context.Context, opts git.GetRepoOpts) (*git.Repository, error)

GetRepo describes a remote repository, return the repo name if it exists. If the repo does not exist, resulting in a 404 exception, it returns a `RepoDoesNotExist` error.

func (*GoGithub) Organization

func (g *GoGithub) Organization(ctx context.Context, org string) (*goGithub.Organization, error)

func (*GoGithub) PathExists

func (g *GoGithub) PathExists(ctx context.Context, owner, repo, branch, path string) (bool, error)

PathExists checks if a path exists in the remote repository. If the owner, repository or branch doesn't exist, it returns false and no error

type HTTPClient

type HTTPClient interface {
	Do(req *http.Request) (*http.Response, error)
var HttpClient HTTPClient

type Options

type Options struct {
	Auth git.TokenAuth

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