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func ConfigureLXDProxies

func ConfigureLXDProxies(proxies proxy.Settings) error

    ConfigureLXDProxies will try to set the lxc config core.proxy_http and core.proxy_https configuration values based on the current environment.

    func ConnectLocal

    func ConnectLocal() (*lxdclient.Client, error)

    func HasLXDSupport

    func HasLXDSupport() bool

      HasLXDSupport returns false when this juju binary was not built with LXD support (i.e. it was built on a golang version < 1.2

      func NewContainerInitialiser

      func NewContainerInitialiser(series string) container.Initialiser

        NewContainerInitialiser returns an instance used to perform the steps required to allow a host machine to run a LXC container.

        func NewContainerManager

        func NewContainerManager(conf container.ManagerConfig) (container.Manager, error)

          NewContainerManager creates the entity that knows how to create and manage LXD containers. TODO(jam): This needs to grow support for things like LXC's ImageURLGetter functionality.


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