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func AuthToken

func AuthToken(cloud environs.CloudSpec, sender autorest.Sender) (*azure.ServicePrincipalToken, error)

    AuthToken returns a service principal token, suitable for authorizing Resource Manager API requests, based on the supplied CloudSpec.

    func NewEnvironProvider

    func NewEnvironProvider(config ProviderConfig) (*azureEnvironProvider, error)

      NewEnvironProvider returns a new EnvironProvider for Azure.

      func NewProvider

      func NewProvider(config ProviderConfig) (environs.EnvironProvider, error)

        NewProvider instantiates and returns the Azure EnvironProvider using the given configuration.


        type AzureRenderer

        type AzureRenderer struct{}

        func (AzureRenderer) Render

        func (AzureRenderer) Render(cfg cloudinit.CloudConfig, os jujuos.OSType) ([]byte, error)

        type ProviderConfig

        type ProviderConfig struct {
        	// Sender is the autorest.Sender that will be used by Azure
        	// clients. If sender is nil, the default HTTP client sender
        	// will be used.
        	Sender autorest.Sender
        	// RequestInspector will be used to inspect Azure requests
        	// if it is non-nil.
        	RequestInspector autorest.PrepareDecorator
        	// NewStorageClient will be used to construct new storage
        	// clients.
        	NewStorageClient azurestorage.NewClientFunc
        	// RetryClock is used when retrying API calls due to rate-limiting.
        	RetryClock clock.Clock
        	// RandomWindowsAdminPassword is a function used to generate
        	// a random password for the Windows admin user.
        	RandomWindowsAdminPassword func() string
        	// InteractiveCreateServicePrincipal is a function used to
        	// interactively create/update service principals with
        	// password credentials.
        	InteractiveCreateServicePrincipal azureauth.InteractiveCreateServicePrincipalFunc

          ProviderConfig contains configuration for the Azure providers.

          func (ProviderConfig) Validate

          func (cfg ProviderConfig) Validate() error

            Validate validates the Azure provider configuration.


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