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const (
	RunHostPath    = "/var/lib/baetyl/run"
	LogHostPath    = "/var/lib/baetyl/log"
	HostHostPath   = "/var/lib/baetyl/host"
	ObjectHostPath = "/var/lib/baetyl/object"

    the host paths are fixed currently TODO: to find the hostpath from app volumes, does not hardcode Maybe you can use the environment variables to determine the host paths. All paths are set during installation, and host path mapping is set by macro in application model to avoid environment difference in application model baetyl-488 [Task] 应用模型支持边缘宏变量,避免在应用模型上出现环境差异的配置


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    func Register

    func Register(name string, n New)


    type AMI

    type AMI interface {
    	// node
    	CollectNodeInfo() (*specv1.NodeInfo, error)
    	CollectNodeStats() (*specv1.NodeStats, error)
    	// app
    	ApplyApp(string, specv1.Application, map[string]specv1.Configuration, map[string]specv1.Secret) error
    	DeleteApp(string, string) error
    	StatsApps(string) ([]specv1.AppStats, error)
    	// TODO: update
    	FetchLog(namespace, service string, tailLines, sinceSeconds int64) (io.ReadCloser, error)
    	RemoteCommand(option DebugOptions, stdin io.Reader, stdout, stderr io.Writer) error

      AMI app model interfaces

      func NewAMI

      func NewAMI(mode string, cfg config.AmiConfig) (AMI, error)

      type DebugOptions

      type DebugOptions struct {
      	Namespace string
      	Name      string
      	Container string
      	Command   []string

      type New

      type New func(cfg config.AmiConfig) (AMI, error)


      Path Synopsis