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const (
	AesIvLen      = 16
	AesKeyLen     = 32
	AesKeyCharSet = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ"

    AES aes


    This section is empty.


    func AesDecrypt

    func AesDecrypt(ciphertext, key []byte) ([]byte, error)

      AesDecrypt decrypts data using the specified key

      func AesEncrypt

      func AesEncrypt(plaintext, key []byte) ([]byte, error)

        AesEncrypt encrypts data using the specified key

        func AppendEnv

        func AppendEnv(paramEnv map[string]string, includeHostEnv bool) []string

          AppendEnv appends envs

          func CalculateFileMD5

          func CalculateFileMD5(fn string) (string, error)

            CalculateFileMD5 calculates file MD5

            func CopyFile

            func CopyFile(s, t string) error

              CopyFile copy data from one file to another

              func CreateSymlink(target, symlink string) error

                CreateSymlink create symlink of target

                func DirExists

                func DirExists(path string) bool

                  DirExists checks dir exists

                  func Equal

                  func Equal(a, b interface{}) bool

                    Equal compares two struct data

                    func FileExists

                    func FileExists(path string) bool

                      FileExists checks file exists

                      func GetAvailablePort

                      func GetAvailablePort(host string) (int, error)

                        GetAvailablePort finds an available port

                        func GetEnv

                        func GetEnv(key string) string

                          GetEnv gets env

                          func GetSerialNumber

                          func GetSerialNumber(file string) (string, error)

                            GetSerialNumber gets serial number from pem

                            func LoadYAML

                            func LoadYAML(path string, out interface{}) error

                              LoadYAML config into out interface, with defaults and validates

                              func NewAesKey

                              func NewAesKey() []byte

                                NewAesKey news AES key

                                func NewTLSClientConfig

                                func NewTLSClientConfig(c Certificate) (*tls.Config, error)

                                  NewTLSClientConfig loads tls config for client

                                  func NewTLSServerConfig

                                  func NewTLSServerConfig(c Certificate) (*tls.Config, error)

                                    NewTLSServerConfig loads tls config for server

                                    func ParseEnv

                                    func ParseEnv(data []byte) ([]byte, error)

                                      ParseEnv pasre env

                                      func ParseURL

                                      func ParseURL(addr string) (*url.URL, error)

                                        ParseURL parses a url string

                                        func PathExists

                                        func PathExists(path string) bool

                                          PathExists checks path exists

                                          func RsaPrivateDecrypt

                                          func RsaPrivateDecrypt(data, privateKey []byte) ([]byte, error)

                                            RsaPrivateDecrypt decrypts data using private key

                                            func RsaPrivateEncrypt

                                            func RsaPrivateEncrypt(data, privateKey []byte) ([]byte, error)

                                              RsaPrivateEncrypt encrypts data using private key

                                              func RsaPublicDecrypt

                                              func RsaPublicDecrypt(data, publicKey []byte) ([]byte, error)

                                                RsaPublicDecrypt decrypts data using public key

                                                func RsaPublicEncrypt

                                                func RsaPublicEncrypt(data, publicKey []byte) ([]byte, error)

                                                  RsaPublicEncrypt encrypts data using public key

                                                  func SetDefaults

                                                  func SetDefaults(ptr interface{}) error

                                                    SetDefaults set default values

                                                    func SetEnv

                                                    func SetEnv(key, value string)

                                                      SetEnv sets env

                                                      func TarGz

                                                      func TarGz(sources []string, destination string) error

                                                        TarGz tarGz source files to destination file

                                                        func Trace

                                                        func Trace(name string, log func(format string, args ...interface{})) func()

                                                          Trace print elapsed time

                                                          func UnmarshalJSON

                                                          func UnmarshalJSON(in []byte, out interface{}) error

                                                            UnmarshalJSON unmarshals, defaults and validates

                                                            func UnmarshalYAML

                                                            func UnmarshalYAML(in []byte, out interface{}) error

                                                              UnmarshalYAML unmarshals, defaults and validates

                                                              func UntarGz

                                                              func UntarGz(source, destination string) error

                                                                UntarGz untarGz source file to destination

                                                                func Unzip

                                                                func Unzip(source, destination string) error

                                                                  Unzip unzip source file to destination

                                                                  func WriteFile

                                                                  func WriteFile(fn string, r io.Reader) error

                                                                    WriteFile writes data into file in chunk mode

                                                                    func Zip

                                                                    func Zip(sources []string, destination string) error

                                                                      Zip zip source files to destination file


                                                                      type Addr

                                                                      type Addr struct {
                                                                      	Network string `json:"network,omitempty"`
                                                                      	Address string `json:"address,omitempty"`

                                                                        Addr network ip address

                                                                        type CPUInfo

                                                                        type CPUInfo struct {
                                                                        	Time        time.Time `json:"time,omitempty"`
                                                                        	Mhz         float64   `json:"mhz,omitempty"`
                                                                        	Cores       int32     `json:"cores,omitempty"`
                                                                        	CacheSize   int32     `json:"cache_size,omitempty"`
                                                                        	ModelName   string    `json:"model_name,omitempty"`
                                                                        	PhysicalID  string    `json:"physical_id,omitempty"`
                                                                        	UsedPercent float64   `json:"used_percent,omitempty"`
                                                                        	Error       string    `json:"error,omitempty"`

                                                                          CPUInfo CPU information

                                                                          func GetCPUInfo

                                                                          func GetCPUInfo() *CPUInfo

                                                                            GetCPUInfo gets CPU information

                                                                            type Certificate

                                                                            type Certificate struct {
                                                                            	CA       string `yaml:"ca" json:"ca"`
                                                                            	Key      string `yaml:"key" json:"key"`
                                                                            	Cert     string `yaml:"cert" json:"cert"`
                                                                            	Insecure bool   `yaml:"insecure" json:"insecure"` // for client, for test purpose

                                                                              Certificate certificate config for mqtt server

                                                                              type DiskInfo

                                                                              type DiskInfo struct {
                                                                              	Time              time.Time `json:"time,omitempty"`
                                                                              	Path              string    `json:"path,omitempty"`
                                                                              	Fstype            string    `json:"fstype,omitempty"`
                                                                              	Total             uint64    `json:"total,omitempty"`
                                                                              	Free              uint64    `json:"free,omitempty"`
                                                                              	Used              uint64    `json:"used,omitempty"`
                                                                              	UsedPercent       float64   `json:"used_percent,omitempty"`
                                                                              	InodesTotal       uint64    `json:"inodes_total,omitempty"`
                                                                              	InodesUsed        uint64    `json:"inodes_used,omitempty"`
                                                                              	InodesFree        uint64    `json:"inodes_free,omitempty"`
                                                                              	InodesUsedPercent float64   `json:"inodes_used_percent,omitempty"`
                                                                              	Error             string    `json:"error,omitempty"`

                                                                                DiskInfo disk information

                                                                                func GetDiskInfo

                                                                                func GetDiskInfo(path string) *DiskInfo

                                                                                  GetDiskInfo gets disk information

                                                                                  type GPUInfo

                                                                                  type GPUInfo struct {
                                                                                  	Time  time.Time    `json:"time,omitempty"`
                                                                                  	GPUs  []PerGPUInfo `json:"gpus,omitempty"`
                                                                                  	Error string       `json:"error,omitempty"`

                                                                                    GPUInfo GPU information

                                                                                    func GetGPUInfo

                                                                                    func GetGPUInfo() *GPUInfo

                                                                                      GetGPUInfo gets GPU information

                                                                                      type HostInfo

                                                                                      type HostInfo struct {
                                                                                      	Time            time.Time `json:"time,omitempty"`
                                                                                      	Hostname        string    `json:"hostname,omitempty"`
                                                                                      	Uptime          uint64    `json:"uptime,omitempty"`
                                                                                      	BootTime        uint64    `json:"boot_time,omitempty"`
                                                                                      	ProcessNum      uint64    `json:"process_num,omitempty"`
                                                                                      	OS              string    `json:"os,omitempty"`
                                                                                      	Platform        string    `json:"platform,omitempty"`
                                                                                      	PlatformFamily  string    `json:"platform_family,omitempty"`
                                                                                      	PlatformVersion string    `json:"platform_version,omitempty"`
                                                                                      	Architecture    string    `json:"architecture,omitempty"`
                                                                                      	Variant         string    `json:"variant,omitempty"`
                                                                                      	KernelVersion   string    `json:"kernel_version,omitempty"`
                                                                                      	HostID          string    `json:"host_id,omitempty"`
                                                                                      	Error           string    `json:"error,omitempty"`

                                                                                        HostInfo host information

                                                                                        func GetHostInfo

                                                                                        func GetHostInfo() *HostInfo

                                                                                          GetHostInfo returns host information

                                                                                          func (*HostInfo) FormatPlatformInfo

                                                                                          func (hi *HostInfo) FormatPlatformInfo() string

                                                                                            FormatPlatformInfo format a brief platform information

                                                                                            type Interface

                                                                                            type Interface struct {
                                                                                            	Index int    `json:"index,omitempty"`
                                                                                            	Name  string `json:"name,omitempty"`
                                                                                            	MAC   string `json:"mac,omitempty"`
                                                                                            	Addrs []Addr `json:"addrs,omitempty"`
                                                                                            	Error string `json:"error,omitempty"`

                                                                                              Interface interface information

                                                                                              type Length

                                                                                              type Length struct {
                                                                                              	Max int64 `yaml:"max" json:"max"`

                                                                                                Length length

                                                                                                func (*Length) UnmarshalYAML

                                                                                                func (l *Length) UnmarshalYAML(unmarshal func(interface{}) error) error

                                                                                                  UnmarshalYAML customizes unmarshal

                                                                                                  type MemInfo

                                                                                                  type MemInfo struct {
                                                                                                  	Time            time.Time `json:"time,omitempty"`
                                                                                                  	Total           uint64    `json:"total,omitempty"`
                                                                                                  	Free            uint64    `json:"free,omitempty"`
                                                                                                  	Used            uint64    `json:"used,omitempty"`
                                                                                                  	UsedPercent     float64   `json:"used_percent,omitempty"`
                                                                                                  	SwapTotal       uint64    `json:"swap_total,omitempty"`
                                                                                                  	SwapFree        uint64    `json:"swap_free,omitempty"`
                                                                                                  	SwapUsed        uint64    `json:"swap_used,omitempty"`
                                                                                                  	SwapUsedPercent float64   `json:"swap_used_percent,omitempty"`
                                                                                                  	Error           string    `json:"error,omitempty"`

                                                                                                    MemInfo memory information

                                                                                                    func GetMemInfo

                                                                                                    func GetMemInfo() *MemInfo

                                                                                                      GetMemInfo gets memory information

                                                                                                      type NetInfo

                                                                                                      type NetInfo struct {
                                                                                                      	Time       time.Time   `json:"time,omitempty"`
                                                                                                      	Interfaces []Interface `json:"interfaces,omitempty"`
                                                                                                      	Error      string      `json:"error,omitempty"`

                                                                                                        NetInfo host information

                                                                                                        func GetNetInfo

                                                                                                        func GetNetInfo() *NetInfo

                                                                                                          GetNetInfo returns host information

                                                                                                          type PerCPUInfo

                                                                                                          type PerCPUInfo struct {
                                                                                                          	UsedPercent float64 `json:"used_percent,omitempty"`

                                                                                                            PerCPUInfo one CPU information

                                                                                                            type PerGPUInfo

                                                                                                            type PerGPUInfo struct {
                                                                                                            	Index          string  `json:"index,omitempty"`
                                                                                                            	Model          string  `json:"model,omitempty"`
                                                                                                            	MemTotal       uint64  `json:"mem_total,omitempty"`
                                                                                                            	MemFree        uint64  `json:"mem_free,omitempty"`
                                                                                                            	MemUsedPercent float64 `json:"mem_used_percent,omitempty"`
                                                                                                            	GPUUsedPercent float64 `json:"gpu_used_percent,omitempty"`

                                                                                                              PerGPUInfo one GPU information

                                                                                                              type Tomb

                                                                                                              type Tomb struct {
                                                                                                              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                                                                                                Tomb wraps tomb.Tomb

                                                                                                                func (*Tomb) Alive

                                                                                                                func (t *Tomb) Alive() bool

                                                                                                                  Alive returns true if the tomb is not in a dying or dead state.

                                                                                                                  func (*Tomb) Dying

                                                                                                                  func (t *Tomb) Dying() <-chan struct{}

                                                                                                                    Dying returns the channel that can be used to wait until t.Kill is called.

                                                                                                                    func (*Tomb) Go

                                                                                                                    func (t *Tomb) Go(fs ...func() error) (err error)

                                                                                                                      Go runs functions in new goroutines.

                                                                                                                      func (*Tomb) Kill

                                                                                                                      func (t *Tomb) Kill(reason error)

                                                                                                                        Kill puts the tomb in a dying state for the given reason.

                                                                                                                        func (*Tomb) Wait

                                                                                                                        func (t *Tomb) Wait() (err error)

                                                                                                                          Wait blocks until all goroutines have finished running, and then returns the reason for their death.

                                                                                                                          If tomb does not start any goroutine, return quickly