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type CallFunc

type CallFunc func(string, string, interface{}, map[string][]string) (io.ReadCloser, http.Header, int, error)

CallFunc provides environment specific call utility to invoke backend functions from UI

type NetworkCli

type NetworkCli struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

NetworkCli is the UI object for network subcmds

func NewNetworkCli

func NewNetworkCli(out, err io.Writer, call CallFunc) *NetworkCli

NewNetworkCli is a convenient function to create a NetworkCli object

func (*NetworkCli) Cmd

func (cli *NetworkCli) Cmd(chain string, args ...string) error

Cmd is borrowed from Docker UI and acts as the entry point for network UI commands. network UI commands are designed to be invoked from multiple parent chains

func (*NetworkCli) CmdNetwork

func (cli *NetworkCli) CmdNetwork(chain string, args ...string) error

CmdNetwork handles the root Network UI

func (*NetworkCli) CmdNetworkCreate

func (cli *NetworkCli) CmdNetworkCreate(chain string, args ...string) error

CmdNetworkCreate handles Network Create UI

func (*NetworkCli) CmdNetworkInfo

func (cli *NetworkCli) CmdNetworkInfo(chain string, args ...string) error

CmdNetworkInfo handles Network Info UI

func (*NetworkCli) CmdNetworkLs

func (cli *NetworkCli) CmdNetworkLs(chain string, args ...string) error

CmdNetworkLs handles Network List UI

func (*NetworkCli) CmdNetworkRm

func (cli *NetworkCli) CmdNetworkRm(chain string, args ...string) error

CmdNetworkRm handles Network Delete UI

func (*NetworkCli) CmdService

func (cli *NetworkCli) CmdService(chain string, args ...string) error

CmdService handles the service UI

func (*NetworkCli) CmdServiceAttach

func (cli *NetworkCli) CmdServiceAttach(chain string, args ...string) error

CmdServiceAttach handles service attach UI

func (*NetworkCli) CmdServiceDetach

func (cli *NetworkCli) CmdServiceDetach(chain string, args ...string) error

CmdServiceDetach handles service detach UI

func (*NetworkCli) CmdServiceInfo

func (cli *NetworkCli) CmdServiceInfo(chain string, args ...string) error

CmdServiceInfo handles service info UI

func (*NetworkCli) CmdServiceLs

func (cli *NetworkCli) CmdServiceLs(chain string, args ...string) error

CmdServiceLs handles service list UI

func (*NetworkCli) CmdServicePublish

func (cli *NetworkCli) CmdServicePublish(chain string, args ...string) error

CmdServicePublish handles service create UI

func (*NetworkCli) CmdServiceUnpublish

func (cli *NetworkCli) CmdServiceUnpublish(chain string, args ...string) error

CmdServiceUnpublish handles service delete UI

func (*NetworkCli) Subcmd

func (cli *NetworkCli) Subcmd(chain, name, signature, description string, exitOnError bool) *flag.FlagSet

Subcmd is borrowed from Docker UI and performs the same function of configuring the subCmds

type SandboxCreate

type SandboxCreate struct {
	ContainerID       string      `json:"container_id"`
	HostName          string      `json:"host_name"`
	DomainName        string      `json:"domain_name"`
	HostsPath         string      `json:"hosts_path"`
	ResolvConfPath    string      `json:"resolv_conf_path"`
	DNS               []string    `json:"dns"`
	ExtraHosts        []extraHost `json:"extra_hosts"`
	UseDefaultSandbox bool        `json:"use_default_sandbox"`

SandboxCreate is the body of the "post /sandboxes" http request message

type SandboxResource

type SandboxResource struct {
	ID          string `json:"id"`
	Key         string `json:"key"`
	ContainerID string `json:"container_id"`

SandboxResource is the body of "get service backend" response message

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