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type Token

type Token struct {
	ID        string     `json:"id"`
	Name      string     `json:"name"`
	ExpiresAt *time.Time `json:"expiresAt,omitempty"`
	CreatedAt *time.Time `json:"createdAt,omitempty"`
	Value     string     `json:"value,omitempty"`

    Token represents an access token

    func NewToken

    func NewToken(id, name string) *Token

      NewToken Creates a new Token instance initialized ID and Name and CreatedAt fields

      type TokenStore

      type TokenStore interface {
      	Store(userID string, token *Token) error
      	Lookup(userID string, tokenID string) (*Token, error)
      	Exists(userID string, tokenID string) (bool, error)
      	Revoke(userID string, tokenID string) error
      	List(userID string) ([]*Token, error)
      	GC() error

        TokenStore is general interface for storing access tokens

        func NewInMemoryTokenStore

        func NewInMemoryTokenStore() TokenStore

          NewInMemoryTokenStore is a basic in-memory TokenStore implementation (thread-safe)

          func NewVaultTokenStore

          func NewVaultTokenStore(role string) TokenStore

            NewVaultTokenStore creates a new Vault backed token store

            func NewVaultTokenStoreFromClient

            func NewVaultTokenStoreFromClient(client *vault.Client) TokenStore

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