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func Migrate

func Migrate(db *gorm.DB, logger Logger) error

    Migrate executes the table migrations for the helm module.

    func NewClusterData

    func NewClusterData(clusterID uint, kubeConfig []byte) clusterData

    func NewCustomGetter

    func NewCustomGetter(namespace string, kubeconfig []byte, cacheDir string, logger Logger) genericclioptions.RESTClientGetter

    func NewHelm3EnvService

    func NewHelm3EnvService(secretStore helm.SecretStore, logger Logger) helm.EnvService

    func NewHelmRepoStore

    func NewHelmRepoStore(db *gorm.DB, logger Logger) helm.Store

    func NewOrgService

    func NewOrgService(logger Logger) helm.OrgService

      NewOrgService constructs a new organization service instance

      func NewReleaseDeleter

      func NewReleaseDeleter(envResolver helm.EnvResolver, releaser helm.ListerUninstaller, logger Logger) helm.ReleaseDeleter

      func NewReleaser

      func NewReleaser(logger Logger) helm.Releaser

      func NewSecretStore

      func NewSecretStore(store SecretStore, logger Logger) helm.SecretStore

      func NewSecurityService

      func NewSecurityService(clusterService helm.ClusterService, resourcer SecurityResourcer, logger Logger) securityService

      func NewUnifiedHelm3Releaser

      func NewUnifiedHelm3Releaser(service helm.Service, logger common.Logger) helm.UnifiedReleaser


      type Logger

      type Logger = common.Logger

      type SecretStore

      type SecretStore = common.SecretStore

      type SecurityResourcer

      type SecurityResourcer interface {
      	ListScanLogs(ctx context.Context, cluster anchore.Cluster) (interface{}, error)
      	GetWhitelists(ctx context.Context, cluster anchore.Cluster) ([]securityV1Alpha.WhiteListItem, error)

        SecurityResourcer adapter interface for the security resource service