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func IsAlreadyExistsError

func IsAlreadyExistsError(err error) bool

IsAlreadyExistsError checks if an error indicates an already existing bucket.

func IsNotFoundError

func IsNotFoundError(err error) bool

IsNotFoundError checks if an error indicates a missing bucket.


type BlobStoragePropsForAzure

type BlobStoragePropsForAzure struct {
	ResourceGroup  string `json:"resourceGroup" binding:"required"`
	StorageAccount string `json:"storageAccount" binding:"required"`

BlobStoragePropsForAzure describes the Azure specific properties

type BlobStoragePropsForOracle

type BlobStoragePropsForOracle struct {
	Namespace string `json:"namespace"`

BlobStoragePropsForOracle describes the Oracle specific properties

type BucketInfo

type BucketInfo struct {
	Name            string                     `json:"name"  binding:"required"`
	Managed         bool                       `json:"managed" binding:"required"`
	Location        string                     `json:"location,omitempty"`
	SecretRef       string                     `json:"secretId,omitempty"`
	Cloud           string                     `json:"cloud,omitempty"`
	Azure           *BlobStoragePropsForAzure  `json:"aks,omitempty"`
	Oracle          *BlobStoragePropsForOracle `json:"oracle,omitempty"`
	Status          string                     `json:"status,omitempty"`
	StatusMsg       string                     `json:"statusMsg,omitempty"`
	AccessSecretRef string                     `json:"accessSecretId,omitempty"`

BucketInfo describes a storage bucket

type ObjectStoreService

type ObjectStoreService interface {
	CreateBucket(string) error
	ListBuckets() ([]*BucketInfo, error)
	ListManagedBuckets() ([]*BucketInfo, error)
	DeleteBucket(string) error
	CheckBucket(string) error

ObjectStoreService is the interface that cloud specific object store implementation must implement