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const (
	// Zap implementation
	Zap int = iota // nolint unused
	// Logrus implementation
	Logrus // nolint unused
const (
	// FatalLevel level. Logs and then calls `logger.Exit(1)`. It will exit even if the
	// logging level is set to Panic.
	FATAL_LEVEL int = iota // nolint unused
	// ErrorLevel level. Logs. Used for errors that should definitely be noted.
	// Commonly used for hooks to send errors to an error tracking service.
	ERROR_LEVEL // nolint unused
	// WarnLevel level. Non-critical entries that deserve eyes.
	WARN_LEVEL // nolint unused
	// InfoLevel level. General operational entries about what's going on inside the
	// application.
	INFO_LEVEL // nolint unused
	// DebugLevel level. Usually only enabled when debugging. Very verbose logging.
	DEBUG_LEVEL // nolint unused

The severity levels. Higher values are more considered more important.

type Configuration

type Configuration struct {
	Level      int
	Writer     io.Writer
	TimeFormat string

Configuration - options for logger

type Logger

type Logger interface {
	Fatal(msg string, fields ...field.Fields)
	FatalWithContext(ctx context.Context, msg string, fields ...field.Fields)

	Error(msg string, fields ...field.Fields)
	ErrorWithContext(ctx context.Context, msg string, fields ...field.Fields)

	Warn(msg string, fields ...field.Fields)
	WarnWithContext(ctx context.Context, msg string, fields ...field.Fields)

	Info(msg string, fields ...field.Fields)
	InfoWithContext(ctx context.Context, msg string, fields ...field.Fields)

	Debug(msg string, fields ...field.Fields)
	DebugWithContext(ctx context.Context, msg string, fields ...field.Fields)

	SetConfig(Configuration) error

	// Closer is the interface that wraps the basic Close method.
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

Logger is our contract for the logger

func NewLogger

func NewLogger(loggerInstance int, config Configuration) (Logger, error)

NewLogger - return new an instance of logger

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