Package filemetadata contains types of metadata for files, to be used for caching.



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    type Cache

    type Cache interface {
    	Get(path string) *Metadata
    	Delete(filename string) error
    	Update(path string, cacheEntry *Metadata) error
    	GetCacheHits() uint64
    	GetCacheMisses() uint64

      Cache is a cache for file contents->Metadata.

      func NewNoopCache

      func NewNoopCache() Cache

        NewNoopCache returns a cache that doesn't cache (evaluates on every Get).

        func NewSingleFlightCache

        func NewSingleFlightCache() Cache

          NewSingleFlightCache returns a singleton-backed in-memory cache, with no validation.

          type FileError

          type FileError struct {
          	IsNotFound bool
          	Err        error

            FileError is the error returned by the Compute function.

            func (*FileError) Error

            func (e *FileError) Error() string

              Error returns the error message.

              type Metadata

              type Metadata struct {
              	Digest       digest.Digest
              	IsExecutable bool
              	IsDirectory  bool
              	Err          error
              	Symlink      *SymlinkMetadata

                Metadata contains details for a particular file.

                func Compute

                func Compute(filename string) *Metadata

                  Compute computes a Metadata from a given file path. If an error is returned, it will be of type *FileError.

                  type SymlinkMetadata

                  type SymlinkMetadata struct {
                  	Target     string
                  	IsDangling bool

                    SymlinkMetadata contains details if the given path is a symlink.