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Package eventdb handles the events storage.

The DB contains multiple sqlite instances, a new sqlite instance would be created and also an old instance would be expired every day.

File Structure

Example file structure for period=1day, expiration=7days:

	   |- event/
            |- 16912 -- Outdated
	        |- 16913 -- -7
	        |- 16914 -- -6
	        |- 16915 -- -5
	        |- 16916 -- -4
	        |- 16917 -- -3
	        |- 16918 -- -2
	        |- 16919 -- -1
	        |- 16920 -- Active



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var ErrNoStorage = errors.New("eventdb: no storage")

ErrNoStorage is returned when no storage is able to serve, which indicates that given stamp or stamp range may be invalid.


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type DB

type DB struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DB is the top level event storage handler.

func Open

func Open(fileName string, opts *Options) (*DB, error)

Open a DB by filename.

func (*DB) Close

func (db *DB) Close() (err error)

Close the DB.

func (*DB) GetByProjectID

func (db *DB) GetByProjectID(projectID, lowestLevel int, start, end uint32) (ews []EventWrapper, err error)

GetByProjectID returns event wrappers by project id and time range.

func (*DB) GetRange added in v0.2.5

func (db *DB) GetRange(lowestLevel int, start, end uint32) (ews []EventWrapper, err error)

GetRange returns event wrappers by lowest level and time range.

func (*DB) Put

func (db *DB) Put(ew *EventWrapper) (err error)

Put an event wraper into db.

type EventWrapper

type EventWrapper struct {
	ID                string  `gorm:"primary_key" json:"id"`
	RuleID            int     `sql:"index;not null" json:"ruleID"`
	ProjectID         int     `sql:"index;not null" json:"projectID"`
	Level             int     `sql:"index;not null" json:"level"`
	Comment           string  `sql:"type:varchar(256)" json:"comment"` // rule.Comment
	Name              string  `sql:"size:257;not null" json:"name"`
	Stamp             uint32  `sql:"index;not null" json:"stamp"`
	Score             float64 `json:"score"`   // index.Score
	Average           float64 `json:"average"` // index.Average
	Value             float64 `json:"value"`   // metric.Value
	TranslatedComment string  `sql:"type:varchar(513)" json:"translatedComment"`

EventWrapper is an event wrapper to store into sqlite.

func NewEventWrapper

func NewEventWrapper(ev *models.Event) *EventWrapper

NewEventWrapper creates a new EventWrapper from models.Event.

type Options

type Options struct {
	Period     uint32
	Expiration uint32

Options is to open DB.

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