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Published: Oct 27, 2019 | License: MIT | Module:


type Interface

type Interface interface {
	Open(path string) error
	MetaClient() MetaClient
	TSDBConfig() tsdb.Config
	Logger() *zap.Logger

type MetaClient

type MetaClient interface {
	Database(name string) *meta.DatabaseInfo
	NodeID() uint64
	DropDatabase(name string) error
	RetentionPolicy(database, name string) (rpi *meta.RetentionPolicyInfo, err error)
	ShardGroupsByTimeRange(database, policy string, min, max time.Time) (a []meta.ShardGroupInfo, err error)
	CreateRetentionPolicy(database string, spec *meta.RetentionPolicySpec, makeDefault bool) (*meta.RetentionPolicyInfo, error)
	UpdateRetentionPolicy(database, name string, rpu *meta.RetentionPolicyUpdate, makeDefault bool) error
	CreateDatabase(name string) (*meta.DatabaseInfo, error)
	CreateDatabaseWithRetentionPolicy(name string, spec *meta.RetentionPolicySpec) (*meta.DatabaseInfo, error)
	DeleteShardGroup(database, policy string, id uint64) error
	CreateShardGroup(database, policy string, timestamp time.Time) (*meta.ShardGroupInfo, error)
	// NodeShardGroupsByTimeRange returns a list of all shard groups on a database and policy
	// that may contain data for the specified time range and limits the Shards to the current node only.
	// Shard groups are sorted by start time.
	NodeShardGroupsByTimeRange(database, policy string, min, max time.Time) (a []meta.ShardGroupInfo, err error)

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