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Published: Jul 26, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:


func Init

func Init(opt ...Option)

Init initialises the default server with options passed in

func String

func String() string

String returns name of Server implementation

type Handler

type Handler interface {
	Name() string
	Handler() interface{}
	Options() HandlerOptions

Handler interface represents a request handler. It's generated by passing any type of public concrete object with endpoints into server.NewHandler. Most will pass in a struct.


type Greeter struct {}

func (g *Greeter) Hello(context, request, response) error {
        return nil

type HandlerOption

type HandlerOption func(*HandlerOptions)

type HandlerOptions

type HandlerOptions struct {
	Internal bool
	Metadata map[string]map[string]string

type Option

type Option func(*Options)

type Options

type Options struct {
	Network      string
	Addr         string
	Timeout      string
	ReadTimeout  string
	WriteTimeout string

	On   bool      // pref switch
	Once sync.Once // do once

	Metadata map[string]string
	Name     string
	Id       string
	Version  string

	// Other options for implementations of the interface
	// can be stored in a context
	Context context.Context

type Server

type Server interface {
	// Initialise options
	Init(...Option) error
	// Retrieve the options
	Options() Options

	// Start the server
	Start() error
	// Stop the server
	Stop(ctx context.Context) error
	// Server implementation
	String() string

Server is a simple micro server abstraction

var (
	DefaultServer Server = newGinServer()
	// NewServer creates a new server
	NewServer func(...Option) Server = newGinServer

type Subscriber

type Subscriber interface {
	Topic() string
	Subscriber() interface{}
	Options() SubscriberOptions

Subscriber interface represents a subscription to a given topic using a specific subscriber function or object with endpoints. It mirrors the handler in its behaviour.

type SubscriberOption

type SubscriberOption func(*SubscriberOptions)

type SubscriberOptions

type SubscriberOptions struct {
	// AutoAck defaults to true. When a handler returns
	// with a nil error the message is acked.
	AutoAck  bool
	Queue    string
	Internal bool
	Context  context.Context

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