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A suite of tools for building hk, generating binary diffs, and distributing them for updates.


install godep to manage dependencies:

$ go get

Functions of hkdist

Web server

hkdist web is the web server for It serves intial downloads of hk. It also has an API that tracks hk's versions for each OS.

It's this API that hk talks to when it needs to check for an update. If there is a new version available, the server will return the new version number and the SHA256 hash for the full binary on the given platform.

Build tool

hkdist build runs the cross-compiled builds for hk. When you run it, it clones a fresh copy of hk to the current directory (I usually run from /tmp). It then finds the latest git tag on the repo to determine which version is the current. It will only build from tags of the format vYYYYMMDD or vYYYYMMDD.X, corresponding to the date of the tag and an optional point release for that day (useful if you're releasing more than once in a day).

Once it knows which version to build, the tool will build for each platform, upload the resulting binary, then generate binary diffs for the past 8 versions. The diffs are actually generated in parallel using Heroku apps called hkgen and hkgen-staging.

This command is idempotent, so you can just re-run it if anything goes wrong, and it will figure out which steps haven't been completed.

Diff generation

hkdist gen will generate and upload a binary diff (bsdiff) file for the given command, on the specified platform, between the two versions specified. Example:

$ hkdist gen hkstaging darwin-amd64 v20140501 v20140529


DISTURL (build)

url for the hk directory server (e.g.

S3DISTURL (build, gen, web)

url for the S3 bucket for distributing full hk binaries (e.g.


url for the S3 bucket for distributing patches (e.g.

S3_ACCESS_KEY (build, gen), S3_SECRET_KEY (build, gen)

aws iam credentials


the name of the binary to build (e.g. "hk" or "hk-canary")


the name of the git branch to build from (e.g. "release" or "canary")


postgres:// url

PORT (web)

which tcp port to listen on


the name of the heroku app to generate diffs with

Creating a new release

To release a new version of hk:

  1. make a gpg-signed git tag of the form vYYYYMMDD or vYYYYMMDD.N

    $ git tag -sam "added a new feature" vYYYYMMDD
  2. push the release branch to that tag on github

    $ git co release
    $ git reset --hard vYYYYMMDD
    $ git push origin release
  3. run hkdist build to build for all platforms and generate diffs

    ## Export environment variables for target build ##
    $ hkdist build



Command hkdist provides services for distributing hk binaries and updates.

It has three sub-commands: build, web, and gen.

$ hkdist build [platforms]

This command builds cross-compiled binaries. The tool builds all known platforms by default, but will optionally build for a specified list of platforms instead. It first fetches the source code and termines the latest git tag on BUILDBRANCH. Then, for each platform, it builds a binary executable, uploads the binary to an S3 bucket, and posts its SHA-256 hash to the hk distribution server ( in production).

$ hkdist web

This command provides directory service for hk binary hashes.

$ hkdist gen

This command polls the distribution server to learn about new releases, then generates byte-sequence patches between each pair of releases on each platform. It puts these patches in an S3 bucket so the hk client can use them for self-update instead of downloading a (much larger) full release.

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