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This package provides cross-platform Go (#golang) helpers for taking user input from the terminal while not echoing the input back (similar to getpasswd). The package uses syscalls to avoid any dependence on cgo, and is therefore compatible with cross-compiling.



Multi-byte unicode characters work successfully on Mac OS X. On Windows, however, this may be problematic (as is UTF in general on Windows). Other platforms have not been tested.


The code herein was not written by me, but was compiled from two separate open source packages. Unix portions were imported from gopass, while Windows portions were imported from the CloudFoundry Go CLI's Windows terminal helpers.

The license for the windows portion has been copied exactly from the source (though I attempted to fill in the correct owner in the boilerplate copyright notice).




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func Ask

func Ask(prompt string) (password string, err error)

Ask the user to enter a password with input hidden. prompt is a string to display before the user's input. Returns the provided password, or an error if the command failed.

func FAsk

func FAsk(wr io.Writer, prompt string) (password string, err error)

FAsk is the same as Ask, except it is possible to specify the file to write the prompt to. If 'nil' is passed as the writer, no prompt will be written.


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