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type KubeconfigBuilder

type KubeconfigBuilder struct {
	Server string

	Context   string
	Namespace string

	KubeBearerToken string
	KubeUser        string
	KubePassword    string

	CACert     []byte
	ClientCert []byte
	ClientKey  []byte
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

KubeconfigBuilder builds a kubecfg file This logic previously lives in the bash scripts (create-kubeconfig in cluster/common.sh)

func BuildKubecfg

func BuildKubecfg(cluster *kops.Cluster, keyStore fi.Keystore, secretStore fi.SecretStore, status kops.StatusStore) (*KubeconfigBuilder, error)

func NewKubeconfigBuilder

func NewKubeconfigBuilder() *KubeconfigBuilder

Create new KubeconfigBuilder

func (*KubeconfigBuilder) BuildRestConfig

func (c *KubeconfigBuilder) BuildRestConfig() (*rest.Config, error)

Create new Rest Client

func (*KubeconfigBuilder) DeleteKubeConfig

func (b *KubeconfigBuilder) DeleteKubeConfig() error

func (*KubeconfigBuilder) WriteKubecfg

func (b *KubeconfigBuilder) WriteKubecfg() error

Write out a new kubeconfig

type KubectlCluster

type KubectlCluster struct {
	Server                   string `json:"server,omitempty"`
	CertificateAuthorityData []byte `json:"certificate-authority-data,omitempty"`

type KubectlClusterWithName

type KubectlClusterWithName struct {
	Name    string         `json:"name"`
	Cluster KubectlCluster `json:"cluster"`

type KubectlConfig

type KubectlConfig struct {
	Kind           string                    `json:"kind"`
	ApiVersion     string                    `json:"apiVersion"`
	CurrentContext string                    `json:"current-context"`
	Clusters       []*KubectlClusterWithName `json:"clusters"`
	Contexts       []*KubectlContextWithName `json:"contexts"`
	Users          []*KubectlUserWithName    `json:"users"`

type KubectlContext

type KubectlContext struct {
	Cluster string `json:"cluster"`
	User    string `json:"user"`

type KubectlContextWithName

type KubectlContextWithName struct {
	Name    string         `json:"name"`
	Context KubectlContext `json:"context"`

type KubectlUser

type KubectlUser struct {
	ClientCertificateData []byte `json:"client-certificate-data,omitempty"`
	ClientKeyData         []byte `json:"client-key-data,omitempty"`
	Password              string `json:"password,omitempty"`
	Username              string `json:"username,omitempty"`
	Token                 string `json:"token,omitempty"`

type KubectlUserWithName

type KubectlUserWithName struct {
	Name string      `json:"name"`
	User KubectlUser `json:"user"`

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