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const ControllerRevisionHashLabel = ""

    ControllerRevisionHashLabel is the label used to indicate the hash value of a ControllerRevision's Data.


    This section is empty.


    func Add

    func Add(mgr manager.Manager) error

      Add creates a new UnitedDeployment Controller and adds it to the Manager with default RBAC. The Manager will set fields on the Controller and Start it when the Manager is Started.

      func GetAllocatedReplicas

      func GetAllocatedReplicas(nameToSubset *map[string]*Subset, ud *appsv1alpha1.UnitedDeployment) (*map[string]int32, bool, string)

        GetAllocatedReplicas returns a mapping from subset to next replicas. Next replicas is allocated by replicasAllocator, which will consider the current replicas of each subset and new replicas indicated from UnitedDeployment.Spec.Topology.Subsets.

        func GetUnitedDeploymentCondition

          GetUnitedDeploymentCondition returns the condition with the provided type.

          func NewUnitedDeploymentCondition

          func NewUnitedDeploymentCondition(condType appsv1alpha1.UnitedDeploymentConditionType, status corev1.ConditionStatus, reason, message string) *appsv1alpha1.UnitedDeploymentCondition

            NewUnitedDeploymentCondition creates a new UnitedDeployment condition.

            func ParseSubsetReplicas

            func ParseSubsetReplicas(udReplicas int32, subsetReplicas intstr.IntOrString) (int32, error)

              ParseSubsetReplicas parses the subsetReplicas, and returns the replicas number depending on the sum replicas.

              func RemoveUnitedDeploymentCondition

              func RemoveUnitedDeploymentCondition(status *appsv1alpha1.UnitedDeploymentStatus, condType appsv1alpha1.UnitedDeploymentConditionType)

                RemoveUnitedDeploymentCondition removes the UnitedDeployment condition with the provided type.

                func SetUnitedDeploymentCondition

                func SetUnitedDeploymentCondition(status *appsv1alpha1.UnitedDeploymentStatus, condition *appsv1alpha1.UnitedDeploymentCondition)

                  SetUnitedDeploymentCondition updates the UnitedDeployment to include the provided condition. If the condition that we are about to add already exists and has the same status, reason and message then we are not going to update.


                  type ControlInterface

                  type ControlInterface interface {
                  	// GetAllSubsets returns the subsets which are managed by the UnitedDeployment.
                  	GetAllSubsets(ud *appsv1alpha1.UnitedDeployment, updatedRevision string) ([]*Subset, error)
                  	// CreateSubset creates the subset depending on the inputs.
                  	CreateSubset(ud *appsv1alpha1.UnitedDeployment, unit string, revision string, replicas, partition int32) error
                  	// UpdateSubset updates the target subset with the input information.
                  	UpdateSubset(subSet *Subset, ud *appsv1alpha1.UnitedDeployment, revision string, replicas, partition int32) error
                  	// UpdateSubset is used to delete the input subset.
                  	DeleteSubset(*Subset) error
                  	// GetSubsetFailure extracts the subset failure message to expose on UnitedDeployment status.
                  	GetSubsetFailure(*Subset) *string
                  	// IsExpected check the subset is the expected revision
                  	IsExpected(subSet *Subset, revision string) bool

                    ControlInterface defines the interface that UnitedDeployment uses to list, create, update, and delete Subsets.

                    type ReconcileUnitedDeployment

                    type ReconcileUnitedDeployment struct {
                    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                      ReconcileUnitedDeployment reconciles a UnitedDeployment object

                      func (*ReconcileUnitedDeployment) Reconcile

                        Reconcile reads that state of the cluster for a UnitedDeployment object and makes changes based on the state read and what is in the UnitedDeployment.Spec

                        type ResourceRef

                        type ResourceRef struct {
                        	Resources []metav1.Object

                          ResourceRef stores the Subset resource it represents.

                          type Subset

                          type Subset struct {
                          	Spec   SubsetSpec
                          	Status SubsetStatus

                            Subset stores the details of a subset resource owned by one UnitedDeployment.

                            type SubsetControl

                            type SubsetControl struct {
                            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                              SubsetControl provides subset operations of MutableSet.

                              func (*SubsetControl) CreateSubset

                              func (m *SubsetControl) CreateSubset(ud *alpha1.UnitedDeployment, subsetName string, revision string, replicas, partition int32) error

                                CreateSubset creates the Subset depending on the inputs.

                                func (*SubsetControl) DeleteSubset

                                func (m *SubsetControl) DeleteSubset(subSet *Subset) error

                                  DeleteSubset is called to delete the subset. The target Subset workload can be found with the input subset.

                                  func (*SubsetControl) GetAllSubsets

                                  func (m *SubsetControl) GetAllSubsets(ud *alpha1.UnitedDeployment, updatedRevision string) (subSets []*Subset, err error)

                                    GetAllSubsets returns all of subsets owned by the UnitedDeployment.

                                    func (*SubsetControl) GetSubsetFailure

                                    func (m *SubsetControl) GetSubsetFailure(subset *Subset) *string

                                      GetSubsetFailure return the error message extracted form Subset workload status conditions.

                                      func (*SubsetControl) IsExpected

                                      func (m *SubsetControl) IsExpected(subSet *Subset, revision string) bool

                                        IsExpected checks the subset is expected revision or not.

                                        func (*SubsetControl) UpdateSubset

                                        func (m *SubsetControl) UpdateSubset(subset *Subset, ud *alpha1.UnitedDeployment, revision string, replicas, partition int32) error

                                          UpdateSubset is used to update the subset. The target Subset workload can be found with the input subset.

                                          type SubsetSpec

                                          type SubsetSpec struct {
                                          	SubsetName     string
                                          	Replicas       int32
                                          	UpdateStrategy SubsetUpdateStrategy
                                          	SubsetRef      ResourceRef

                                            SubsetSpec stores the spec details of the Subset

                                            type SubsetStatus

                                            type SubsetStatus struct {
                                            	ObservedGeneration   int64
                                            	Replicas             int32
                                            	ReadyReplicas        int32
                                            	UpdatedReplicas      int32
                                            	UpdatedReadyReplicas int32

                                              SubsetStatus stores the observed state of the Subset.

                                              type SubsetUpdateStrategy

                                              type SubsetUpdateStrategy struct {
                                              	Partition int32

                                                SubsetUpdateStrategy stores the strategy detail of the Subset.


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