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Published: Jan 20, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:


Package env get env & app config, all the public field must after init() finished and flag.Parse().



const (
	DeployEnvDev  = "dev"
	DeployEnvFat  = "fat"
	DeployEnvUat  = "uat"
	DeployEnvPre  = "pre"
	DeployEnvProd = "prod"

deploy env.


var (
	// Region avaliable region where app at.
	Region string
	// Zone avaliable zone where app at.
	Zone string
	// Hostname machine hostname.
	Hostname string
	// DeployEnv deploy env where app at.
	DeployEnv string
	// AppID is global unique application id, register by service tree.
	// such as main.arch.disocvery.
	AppID string
	// Color is the identification of different experimental group in one caster cluster.
	Color string
	// DiscoveryNodes is seed nodes.
	DiscoveryNodes string

env configuration.

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