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sidekick is a library that will update a key in etcd periodically.

If sidekick.New() returns without an error, there will be a goroutine keeping the key refreshed in etcd.



hostname,err := os.Hostname()  
// comma separated list of server URLs  
etcdServers := "http://localhost:4001"  
etcdPath := "/servers/web/" + hostname  
value := "running"  
sk, _ := sidekick.New(etcdServers,etcdpath,value)  

To change the value of the key, use:


To stop updates to etcd, use:


To change from the default key TTL or update interval use:


If you want a standalone utility, see the sidekicker directory.




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const DefaultTTL = 10

DefaultTTL is the default time-to-live in seconds for updates to etcd

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const DefaultUpdateInterval = 8

DefaultUpdateInterval is the default frequently in seconds the key will be updated until Stop() is called


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var (
	ErrIntervalTooSmall = errors.New("interval must be at least 1 second")


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type Sidekick

type Sidekick struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Sidekick periodically updates a key in etcd until Stop() is called

func New

func New(servers string, key string, value string) (*Sidekick, error)

New returns a Sidekick pointer if there was no error initially setting the value, and there will be a goroutine updating the value every UpdateInterval seconds until Stop() is called If a non-nil error is returned there will be no goroutine performing updates

func (*Sidekick) SetLogger

func (sk *Sidekick) SetLogger(logger *log.Logger)

SetLogger sets a logger, by default no logs are written. This is a no-op if Stop() has been called.

func (*Sidekick) Stop

func (sk *Sidekick) Stop()

Stop stops the goroutine performing updates. This is a no-op if Stop() has been called.

func (*Sidekick) TTL

func (sk *Sidekick) TTL(ttl uint64) error

TTL sets the time-to-live on every update made to etcd. This is a no-op if Stop() has been called. TODO: validation on TTL

func (*Sidekick) UpdateInterval

func (sk *Sidekick) UpdateInterval(interval uint64) error

UpdateInterval sets the update interval to the value in seconds. This is a no-op if Stop() has been called.

func (*Sidekick) Value

func (sk *Sidekick) Value(value string)

Value changes the value used and performs an update. This is a no-op if Stop() has been called.

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