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type Cell

type Cell struct {
	Id      CellId        `bson:"_id" json:"cellId"`
	History []CellHistory `bson:"h" json:"history"`

Cell contains information for each cell on the Grid page. It includes both the cell's identifier and its history.

type CellHistory

type CellHistory struct {
	Id            string                  `bson:"d" json:"id"`
	Revision      string                  `bson:"v" json:"revision"`
	Status        string                  `bson:"s" json:"status"`
	StatusDetails apimodels.TaskEndDetail `bson:"e" json:"task_end_details"`

CellHistory holds historical data for each cell on the Grid page.

type CellId

type CellId struct {
	Task    string `bson:"d" json:"task"`
	Variant string `bson:"v" json:"variant"`

CellId represents a unique identifier for each cell on the Grid page.

type Failure

type Failure struct {
	Id       FailureId     `bson:"_id" json:"identifier"`
	Variants []VariantInfo `bson:"a" json:"variants"`

Failure contains data for a particular test failure - including the test's task display name, and the variants its failing on.

type FailureId

type FailureId struct {
	Test string `bson:"t" json:"test"`
	Task string `bson:"d" json:"task"`

type Failures

type Failures []Failure

Failures holds failures.

func FetchFailures

func FetchFailures(current version.Version, depth int) (Failures, error)

FetchFailures returns the most recent test failures that have occurred at or before the current version - looking back as far as depth versions.

type Grid

type Grid []Cell

Grid is a slice of cells.

func FetchCells

func FetchCells(current version.Version, depth int) (Grid, error)

FetchCells returns a Grid of Cells - grouped by variant and display name. current is the most recent version and from which to fetch prior Cells going back as far as depth versions.

type RevisionFailure

type RevisionFailure struct {
	Id       string        `bson:"_id" json:"revision"`
	Failures []TaskFailure `bson:"a" json:"failures"`

Revision failure contains the revision and a list of the task failures that exist on that version.

type RevisionFailures

type RevisionFailures []RevisionFailure

RevisionFailures holds revision failures

func FetchRevisionOrderFailures

func FetchRevisionOrderFailures(current version.Version, depth int) (RevisionFailures, error)

FetchRevisionOrderFailures returns the most recent test failures grouped by revision - looking as far back as depth revisions

type TaskFailure

type TaskFailure struct {
	BuildVariant string `bson:"n" json:"variant"`
	TestName     string `bson:"i" json:"test"`
	TaskName     string `bson:"t" json:"task"`
	TaskId       string `bson:"tid" json:"task_id"`

TaskFailure has the information needed to be displayed on the revision failures tab.

type VariantInfo

type VariantInfo struct {
	Name   string `bson:"n" json:"name"`
	TaskId string `bson:"i" json:"task_id"`

VariantInfo holds information for each variant a test fails on.

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