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type Id

type Id struct {
	Id          int   `xml:"Id"`
	HasLinkOut  *bool `xml:",attr"`
	HasNeighbor *bool `xml:",attr"`

func (*Id) UnmarshalXML

func (id *Id) UnmarshalXML(dec *xml.Decoder, start xml.StartElement) error

type IdCheckList

type IdCheckList struct {
	Id        []Id        `xml:"Id"`
	IdLinkSet []IdLinkSet `xml:"IdLinkSet"`
	Err       error       `xml:"ERROR"`

type IdLinkSet

type IdLinkSet struct {
	Id       Id         `xml:"Id"`
	LinkInfo []LinkInfo `xml:"LinkInfo"`

type IdUrlList

type IdUrlList struct {
	IdUrlSets  []IdUrlSet `xml:"IdUrlSet"`
	FirstChars [][]string `xml:"FirstChars>FirstChar"`

type IdUrlSet

type IdUrlSet struct {
	Id     Id       `xml:"Id"`
	ObjUrl []ObjUrl `xml:"ObjUrl"`
	Info   *string  `xml:"Info"`
type Link struct {
	Id    Id   `xml:"Id"`
	Score *int `xml:"Score"`

type LinkInfo

type LinkInfo struct {
	DbTo     string  `xml:"DbTo"`
	LinkName string  `xml:"LinkName"`
	MenuTag  *string `xml:"MenuTag"`
	HtmlTag  *string `xml:"HtmlTag"`
	Url      *Url    `xml:"Url"`
	Priority int     `xml:"Priority"`

type LinkSet

type LinkSet struct {
	DbFrom           string             `xml:"DbFrom"`
	IdList           []Id               `xml:"IdList>Id"`
	Neighbor         []LinkSetDb        `xml:"LinkSetDb"`
	LinkSetDbHistory []LinkSetDbHistory `xml:"LinkSetDbHistory"`
	WebEnv           *string            `xml:"WebEnv"`
	IdUrlList        *IdUrlList         `xml:"IdUrlList"`
	IdCheckList      *IdCheckList       `xml:"IdCheckList"`
	Err              []string           `xml:"ERROR"`

type LinkSetDb

type LinkSetDb struct {
	DbTo     string  `xml:"DbTo"`
	LinkName string  `xml:"LinkName"`
	Link     []Link  `xml:"Link"`
	Info     *string `xml:"Info"`
	Err      error   `xml:"ERROR"`

type LinkSetDbHistory

type LinkSetDbHistory struct {
	DbTo     string  `xml:"DbTo"`
	LinkName string  `xml:"LinkName"`
	QueryKey *int    `xml:"QueryKey"`
	Info     *string `xml:"Info"`
	Err      error   `xml:"ERROR"`

type ObjUrl

type ObjUrl struct {
	Url         Url      `xml:"Url"`
	IconUrl     *Url     `xml:"IconUrl"`
	LinkName    *string  `xml:"LinkName"`
	SubjectType []string `xml:"SubjectType"`
	Category    []string `xml:"Category"`
	Attribute   []string `xml:"Attribute"`
	Provider    Provider `xml:"Provider"`
	SubProvider *string  `xml:"SubProvider"`

type Provider

type Provider struct {
	Name     string `xml:"Name"`
	NameAbbr string `xml:"NameAbbr"`
	Id       Id     `xml:"Id"`
	Url      Url    `xml:"Url"`
	IconUrl  *Url   `xml:"IconUrl"`

type Url

type Url struct {
	Url  string `xml:",chardata"`
	Lang string `xml:"LNG,attr"`

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