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var (
	PluginTypeApp        = "app"
	PluginTypeDatasource = "datasource"
	PluginTypePanel      = "panel"
	PluginTypeDashboard  = "dashboard"
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var (
	DataSources  map[string]*DataSourcePlugin
	Panels       map[string]*PanelPlugin
	StaticRoutes []*PluginStaticRoute
	Apps         map[string]*AppPlugin
	Plugins      map[string]*PluginBase
	PluginTypes  map[string]interface{}
	Renderer     *RendererPlugin

	GrafanaLatestVersion string
	GrafanaHasUpdate     bool


func ComposePluginStartCommmand

func ComposePluginStartCommmand(executable string) string

func GetPluginMarkdown

func GetPluginMarkdown(pluginId string, name string) ([]byte, error)

func GetPluginSettings

func GetPluginSettings(orgId int64) (map[string]*m.PluginSettingInfoDTO, error)

func ImportDashboard

func ImportDashboard(cmd *ImportDashboardCommand) error


type AppPlugin

type AppPlugin struct {
	Routes []*AppPluginRoute `json:"routes"`

	FoundChildPlugins []*PluginInclude `json:"-"`
	Pinned            bool             `json:"-"`

func (*AppPlugin) Load

func (app *AppPlugin) Load(decoder *json.Decoder, pluginDir string) error

type AppPluginCss

type AppPluginCss struct {
	Light string `json:"light"`
	Dark  string `json:"dark"`

type AppPluginRoute

type AppPluginRoute struct {
	Path         string                 `json:"path"`
	Method       string                 `json:"method"`
	ReqRole      models.RoleType        `json:"reqRole"`
	Url          string                 `json:"url"`
	Headers      []AppPluginRouteHeader `json:"headers"`
	TokenAuth    *JwtTokenAuth          `json:"tokenAuth"`
	JwtTokenAuth *JwtTokenAuth          `json:"jwtTokenAuth"`

type AppPluginRouteHeader

type AppPluginRouteHeader struct {
	Name    string `json:"name"`
	Content string `json:"content"`

type DashTemplateEvaluator

type DashTemplateEvaluator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*DashTemplateEvaluator) Eval

func (this *DashTemplateEvaluator) Eval() (*simplejson.Json, error)

type DashboardInputMissingError

type DashboardInputMissingError struct {
	VariableName string

func (DashboardInputMissingError) Error

type DataSourcePlugin

type DataSourcePlugin struct {
	Annotations  bool              `json:"annotations"`
	Metrics      bool              `json:"metrics"`
	Alerting     bool              `json:"alerting"`
	Explore      bool              `json:"explore"`
	Logs         bool              `json:"logs"`
	QueryOptions map[string]bool   `json:"queryOptions,omitempty"`
	BuiltIn      bool              `json:"builtIn,omitempty"`
	Mixed        bool              `json:"mixed,omitempty"`
	HasQueryHelp bool              `json:"hasQueryHelp,omitempty"`
	Routes       []*AppPluginRoute `json:"routes"`

	Backend    bool   `json:"backend,omitempty"`
	Executable string `json:"executable,omitempty"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DataSourcePlugin contains all metadata about a datasource plugin

func (*DataSourcePlugin) Kill

func (p *DataSourcePlugin) Kill()

func (*DataSourcePlugin) Load

func (p *DataSourcePlugin) Load(decoder *json.Decoder, pluginDir string) error

type EnabledPlugins

type EnabledPlugins struct {
	Panels      []*PanelPlugin
	DataSources map[string]*DataSourcePlugin
	Apps        []*AppPlugin

func GetEnabledPlugins

func GetEnabledPlugins(orgId int64) (*EnabledPlugins, error)

func NewEnabledPlugins

func NewEnabledPlugins() EnabledPlugins

type FrontendPluginBase

type FrontendPluginBase struct {

type GithubLatest

type GithubLatest struct {
	Stable  string `json:"stable"`
	Testing string `json:"testing"`

type GrafanaNetPlugin

type GrafanaNetPlugin struct {
	Slug    string `json:"slug"`
	Version string `json:"version"`

type ImportDashboardCommand

type ImportDashboardCommand struct {
	Dashboard *simplejson.Json
	Path      string
	Inputs    []ImportDashboardInput
	Overwrite bool
	FolderId  int64

	OrgId    int64
	User     *m.SignedInUser
	PluginId string
	Result   *PluginDashboardInfoDTO

type ImportDashboardInput

type ImportDashboardInput struct {
	Type     string `json:"type"`
	PluginId string `json:"pluginId"`
	Name     string `json:"name"`
	Value    string `json:"value"`

type JwtTokenAuth

type JwtTokenAuth struct {
	Url    string            `json:"url"`
	Scopes []string          `json:"scopes"`
	Params map[string]string `json:"params"`

JwtTokenAuth struct is both for normal Token Auth and JWT Token Auth with an uploaded JWT file.

type LogWrapper

type LogWrapper struct {
	Logger glog.Logger

func (LogWrapper) Debug

func (lw LogWrapper) Debug(msg string, args ...interface{})

func (LogWrapper) Error

func (lw LogWrapper) Error(msg string, args ...interface{})

func (LogWrapper) Info

func (lw LogWrapper) Info(msg string, args ...interface{})

func (LogWrapper) IsDebug

func (lw LogWrapper) IsDebug() bool

func (LogWrapper) IsError

func (lw LogWrapper) IsError() bool

func (LogWrapper) IsInfo

func (lw LogWrapper) IsInfo() bool

func (LogWrapper) IsTrace

func (lw LogWrapper) IsTrace() bool

func (LogWrapper) IsWarn

func (lw LogWrapper) IsWarn() bool

func (LogWrapper) Named

func (lw LogWrapper) Named(name string) hclog.Logger

func (LogWrapper) ResetNamed

func (lw LogWrapper) ResetNamed(name string) hclog.Logger

func (LogWrapper) StandardLogger

func (lw LogWrapper) StandardLogger(ops *hclog.StandardLoggerOptions) *log.Logger

func (LogWrapper) Trace

func (lw LogWrapper) Trace(msg string, args ...interface{})

func (LogWrapper) Warn

func (lw LogWrapper) Warn(msg string, args ...interface{})

func (LogWrapper) With

func (lw LogWrapper) With(args ...interface{}) hclog.Logger

type PanelPlugin

type PanelPlugin struct {

func (*PanelPlugin) Load

func (p *PanelPlugin) Load(decoder *json.Decoder, pluginDir string) error

type PluginBase

type PluginBase struct {
	Type         string             `json:"type"`
	Name         string             `json:"name"`
	Id           string             `json:"id"`
	Info         PluginInfo         `json:"info"`
	Dependencies PluginDependencies `json:"dependencies"`
	Includes     []*PluginInclude   `json:"includes"`
	Module       string             `json:"module"`
	BaseUrl      string             `json:"baseUrl"`
	HideFromList bool               `json:"hideFromList,omitempty"`
	State        PluginState        `json:"state,omitempty"`

	IncludedInAppId string `json:"-"`
	PluginDir       string `json:"-"`
	DefaultNavUrl   string `json:"-"`
	IsCorePlugin    bool   `json:"-"`

	GrafanaNetVersion   string `json:"-"`
	GrafanaNetHasUpdate bool   `json:"-"`

type PluginDashboardInfoDTO

type PluginDashboardInfoDTO struct {
	PluginId         string `json:"pluginId"`
	Title            string `json:"title"`
	Imported         bool   `json:"imported"`
	ImportedUri      string `json:"importedUri"`
	ImportedUrl      string `json:"importedUrl"`
	Slug             string `json:"slug"`
	DashboardId      int64  `json:"dashboardId"`
	FolderId         int64  `json:"folderId"`
	ImportedRevision int64  `json:"importedRevision"`
	Revision         int64  `json:"revision"`
	Description      string `json:"description"`
	Path             string `json:"path"`
	Removed          bool   `json:"removed"`

func GetPluginDashboards

func GetPluginDashboards(orgId int64, pluginId string) ([]*PluginDashboardInfoDTO, error)

type PluginDependencies

type PluginDependencies struct {
	GrafanaVersion string                 `json:"grafanaVersion"`
	Plugins        []PluginDependencyItem `json:"plugins"`

type PluginDependencyItem

type PluginDependencyItem struct {
	Type    string `json:"type"`
	Id      string `json:"id"`
	Name    string `json:"name"`
	Version string `json:"version"`

type PluginInclude

type PluginInclude struct {
	Name       string     `json:"name"`
	Path       string     `json:"path"`
	Type       string     `json:"type"`
	Component  string     `json:"component"`
	Role       m.RoleType `json:"role"`
	AddToNav   bool       `json:"addToNav"`
	DefaultNav bool       `json:"defaultNav"`
	Slug       string     `json:"slug"`

	Id string `json:"-"`

type PluginInfo

type PluginInfo struct {
	Author      PluginInfoLink      `json:"author"`
	Description string              `json:"description"`
	Links       []PluginInfoLink    `json:"links"`
	Logos       PluginLogos         `json:"logos"`
	Screenshots []PluginScreenshots `json:"screenshots"`
	Version     string              `json:"version"`
	Updated     string              `json:"updated"`
type PluginInfoLink struct {
	Name string `json:"name"`
	Url  string `json:"url"`

type PluginLoader

type PluginLoader interface {
	Load(decoder *json.Decoder, pluginDir string) error

type PluginLogos

type PluginLogos struct {
	Small string `json:"small"`
	Large string `json:"large"`

type PluginManager

type PluginManager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*PluginManager) Init

func (pm *PluginManager) Init() error

func (*PluginManager) Run

func (pm *PluginManager) Run(ctx context.Context) error

type PluginNotFoundError

type PluginNotFoundError struct {
	PluginId string

func (PluginNotFoundError) Error

func (e PluginNotFoundError) Error() string

type PluginScanner

type PluginScanner struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type PluginScreenshots

type PluginScreenshots struct {
	Path string `json:"path"`
	Name string `json:"name"`

type PluginState

type PluginState string
var (
	PluginStateAlpha PluginState = "alpha"
	PluginStateBeta  PluginState = "beta"

type PluginStaticRoute

type PluginStaticRoute struct {
	Directory string
	PluginId  string

type RendererPlugin

type RendererPlugin struct {

	Executable string `json:"executable,omitempty"`

func (*RendererPlugin) Load

func (r *RendererPlugin) Load(decoder *json.Decoder, pluginDir string) error


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