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var NewFolderService = func(orgId int64, user *models.SignedInUser) FolderService {
	return &dashboardServiceImpl{
		orgId: orgId,
		user:  user,

NewFolderService factory for creating a new folder service

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var NewProvisioningService = func() DashboardProvisioningService {
	return &dashboardServiceImpl{}

NewProvisioningService factory for creating a new dashboard provisioning service

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var NewService = func() DashboardService {
	return &dashboardServiceImpl{
		log: log.New("dashboard-service"),

NewService factory for creating a new dashboard service


func MockDashboardService

func MockDashboardService(mock *FakeDashboardService)


type DashboardProvisioningService

type DashboardProvisioningService interface {
	SaveProvisionedDashboard(dto *SaveDashboardDTO, provisioning *models.DashboardProvisioning) (*models.Dashboard, error)
	SaveFolderForProvisionedDashboards(*SaveDashboardDTO) (*models.Dashboard, error)
	GetProvisionedDashboardData(name string) ([]*models.DashboardProvisioning, error)

DashboardProvisioningService service for operating on provisioned dashboards

type DashboardService

type DashboardService interface {
	SaveDashboard(dto *SaveDashboardDTO) (*models.Dashboard, error)
	ImportDashboard(dto *SaveDashboardDTO) (*models.Dashboard, error)

DashboardService service for operating on dashboards

type FakeDashboardService

type FakeDashboardService struct {
	SaveDashboardResult *models.Dashboard
	SaveDashboardError  error
	SavedDashboards     []*SaveDashboardDTO

func (*FakeDashboardService) ImportDashboard

func (s *FakeDashboardService) ImportDashboard(dto *SaveDashboardDTO) (*models.Dashboard, error)

func (*FakeDashboardService) SaveDashboard

func (s *FakeDashboardService) SaveDashboard(dto *SaveDashboardDTO) (*models.Dashboard, error)

type FolderService

type FolderService interface {
	GetFolders(limit int) ([]*models.Folder, error)
	GetFolderByID(id int64) (*models.Folder, error)
	GetFolderByUID(uid string) (*models.Folder, error)
	CreateFolder(cmd *models.CreateFolderCommand) error
	UpdateFolder(uid string, cmd *models.UpdateFolderCommand) error
	DeleteFolder(uid string) (*models.Folder, error)

FolderService service for operating on folders

type SaveDashboardDTO

type SaveDashboardDTO struct {
	OrgId     int64
	UpdatedAt time.Time
	User      *models.SignedInUser
	Message   string
	Overwrite bool
	Dashboard *models.Dashboard

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