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var (
	ErrGuardianPermissionExists = errors.New("Permission already exists")
	ErrGuardianOverride         = errors.New("You can only override a permission to be higher")
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var New = func(dashId int64, orgId int64, user *m.SignedInUser) DashboardGuardian {
	return &dashboardGuardianImpl{
		user:   user,
		dashId: dashId,
		orgId:  orgId,
		log:    log.New("dashboard.permissions"),

New factory for creating a new dashboard guardian instance


func MockDashboardGuardian

func MockDashboardGuardian(mock *FakeDashboardGuardian)


type DashboardGuardian

type DashboardGuardian interface {
	CanSave() (bool, error)
	CanEdit() (bool, error)
	CanView() (bool, error)
	CanAdmin() (bool, error)
	HasPermission(permission m.PermissionType) (bool, error)
	CheckPermissionBeforeUpdate(permission m.PermissionType, updatePermissions []*m.DashboardAcl) (bool, error)
	GetAcl() ([]*m.DashboardAclInfoDTO, error)

DashboardGuardian to be used for guard against operations without access on dashboard and acl

type FakeDashboardGuardian

type FakeDashboardGuardian struct {
	DashId                           int64
	OrgId                            int64
	User                             *m.SignedInUser
	CanSaveValue                     bool
	CanEditValue                     bool
	CanViewValue                     bool
	CanAdminValue                    bool
	HasPermissionValue               bool
	CheckPermissionBeforeUpdateValue bool
	CheckPermissionBeforeUpdateError error
	GetAclValue                      []*m.DashboardAclInfoDTO

func (*FakeDashboardGuardian) CanAdmin

func (g *FakeDashboardGuardian) CanAdmin() (bool, error)

func (*FakeDashboardGuardian) CanEdit

func (g *FakeDashboardGuardian) CanEdit() (bool, error)

func (*FakeDashboardGuardian) CanSave

func (g *FakeDashboardGuardian) CanSave() (bool, error)

func (*FakeDashboardGuardian) CanView

func (g *FakeDashboardGuardian) CanView() (bool, error)

func (*FakeDashboardGuardian) CheckPermissionBeforeUpdate

func (g *FakeDashboardGuardian) CheckPermissionBeforeUpdate(permission m.PermissionType, updatePermissions []*m.DashboardAcl) (bool, error)

func (*FakeDashboardGuardian) GetAcl

func (*FakeDashboardGuardian) HasPermission

func (g *FakeDashboardGuardian) HasPermission(permission m.PermissionType) (bool, error)

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