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var WalkSkipDir = errors.New("skip this directory")

WalkSkipDir is the Error returned when we want to skip descending into a directory


func DecodeBasicAuthHeader

func DecodeBasicAuthHeader(header string) (string, string, error)

func Decrypt

func Decrypt(payload []byte, secret string) ([]byte, error)

func EncodeMd5

func EncodeMd5(str string) string

Encode string to md5 hex value.

func EncodePassword

func EncodePassword(password string, salt string) string

func Encrypt

func Encrypt(payload []byte, secret string) ([]byte, error)

func GenerateShortUid

func GenerateShortUid() string

GenerateShortUid generates a short unique identifier.

func GetAgeString

func GetAgeString(t time.Time) string

func GetBasicAuthHeader

func GetBasicAuthHeader(user string, password string) string

func IsEmail

func IsEmail(str string) bool

func IsValidShortUid

func IsValidShortUid(uid string) bool

IsValidShortUid checks if short unique identifier contains valid characters

func JoinUrlFragments

func JoinUrlFragments(a, b string) string

func Md5Sum

func Md5Sum(reader io.Reader) (string, error)

Md5Sum calculates the md5sum of a stream

func Md5SumString

func Md5SumString(input string) (string, error)

Md5Sum calculates the md5sum of a string

func PBKDF2

func PBKDF2(password, salt []byte, iter, keyLen int, h func() hash.Hash) []byte


func SplitString

func SplitString(str string) []string

func StringsFallback2

func StringsFallback2(val1 string, val2 string) string

func StringsFallback3

func StringsFallback3(val1 string, val2 string, val3 string) string

func Walk

func Walk(path string, followSymlinks bool, detectSymlinkInfiniteLoop bool, walkFn WalkFunc) error

Walk walks a path, optionally following symbolic links, and for each path, it calls the walkFn passed.

It is similar to filepath.Walk, except that it supports symbolic links and can detect infinite loops while following sym links. It solves the issue where your WalkFunc needs a path relative to the symbolic link (resolving links within walkfunc loses the path to the symbolic link for each traversal).


type DynMap

type DynMap map[string]interface{}

type UrlQueryReader

type UrlQueryReader struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewUrlQueryReader

func NewUrlQueryReader(urlInfo *url.URL) (*UrlQueryReader, error)

func (*UrlQueryReader) Get

func (r *UrlQueryReader) Get(name string, def string) string

type WalkFunc

type WalkFunc func(resolvedPath string, info os.FileInfo, err error) error

WalkFunc is a callback function called for each path as a directory is walked If resolvedPath != "", then we are following symbolic links.

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