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var ElectrsURL = "http://testapi.bithyve.com"

ElectrsURL is the URL of a running electrs instance

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var FallbackURL = "https://blockstream.info/testnet/api"

FallbackURL is the URL of a fallback electrs instance


func CurrentBlockHeight

func CurrentBlockHeight() (float64, error)

CurrentBlockHeight gets the current block height from the blockchain

func GetBalanceAddress

func GetBalanceAddress(addr string) (float64, float64)

GetBalanceAddress gets the net balance of an address

func GetBalanceCount

func GetBalanceCount(addr string) (float64, float64)

GetBalanceCount gets the total incoming balance

func GetFeeEstimates

func GetFeeEstimates() (format.FeeResponse, error)

GetFeeEstimates gets the fee estimates in the following blocks

func GetTxsAddress

func GetTxsAddress(addr string) ([]format.Tx, error)

GetTxsAddress gets the transactions associated with a given address

func GetUtxosAddress

func GetUtxosAddress(addr string) ([]format.Utxo, error)

GetUtxosAddress gets the utxos associated with a given address

func SetMainnet

func SetMainnet()

SetMainnet is the URL of a running mainnet electrs instance

func SetURL

func SetURL(main, fallback string)

SetURL sets custom URLs for electrs and fallback


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