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type Config

type Config struct {
	LogStreamCreation     bool `yaml:"log_stream_creation"`
	LogPushRequest        bool `yaml:"log_push_request"`
	LogPushRequestStreams bool `yaml:"log_push_request_streams"`

type TenantConfig

type TenantConfig func(userID string) *Config

TenantConfig is a function that returns configs for given tenant, or nil, if there are no tenant-specific configs.

type TenantConfigs

type TenantConfigs struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

TenantConfigs periodically fetch a set of per-user configs, and provides convenience functions for fetching the correct value.

func DefaultTenantConfigs

func DefaultTenantConfigs() *TenantConfigs

DefaultTenantConfigs creates and returns a new TenantConfigs with the defaults populated.

func NewTenantConfigs

func NewTenantConfigs(tenantConfig TenantConfig) (*TenantConfigs, error)

NewTenantConfig makes a new TenantConfigs

func (*TenantConfigs) LogPushRequest

func (o *TenantConfigs) LogPushRequest(userID string) bool

func (*TenantConfigs) LogPushRequestStreams

func (o *TenantConfigs) LogPushRequestStreams(userID string) bool

func (*TenantConfigs) LogStreamCreation

func (o *TenantConfigs) LogStreamCreation(userID string) bool

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