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func CreateChunks

func CreateChunks(startIndex, batchSize int, from model.Time, through model.Time) ([]string, []chunk.Chunk, error)

CreateChunks creates some chunks for testing

func DefaultSchemaConfig

func DefaultSchemaConfig(kind string) chunk.SchemaConfig

DefaultSchemaConfig returns default schema for use in test fixtures

func Setup

func Setup(fixture Fixture, tableName string) (chunk.IndexClient, chunk.Client, io.Closer, error)

Setup a fixture with initial tables

func SetupTestChunkStore

func SetupTestChunkStore() (chunk.Store, error)

func SetupTestChunkStoreWithClients

func SetupTestChunkStoreWithClients(indexClient chunk.IndexClient, chunksClient chunk.Client, tableClient chunk.TableClient) (chunk.Store, error)

func SetupTestObjectStore

func SetupTestObjectStore() (chunk.ObjectClient, error)


type CloserFunc

type CloserFunc func() error

CloserFunc is to io.Closer as http.HandlerFunc is to http.Handler.

func (CloserFunc) Close

func (f CloserFunc) Close() error

Close implements io.Closer.

type Fixture

type Fixture interface {
	Name() string
	Clients() (chunk.IndexClient, chunk.Client, chunk.TableClient, chunk.SchemaConfig, io.Closer, error)

Fixture type for per-backend testing.

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