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type Config

type Config struct {
	NamespaceID string

type Dest

type Dest struct {
	DestId       string     `yaml:"destId"`
	DestWeight   int64      `yaml:"destWeight"`
	DestItemList []DestItem `yaml:"destItemList"`
	RouteRuleId  string     `yaml:"routeRuleId"`

type DestItem

type DestItem struct {
	RouteDestItemId string `yaml:"routeDestItemId"`
	RouteDestId     string `yaml:"routeDestId"`
	DestItemField   string `yaml:"destItemField"`
	DestItemValue   string `yaml:"destItemValue"`

type Router

type Router struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func DefaultRouter

func DefaultRouter() *Router

func New

func New(conf *Config, cfg config.Source) *Router

func (*Router) Close

func (r *Router) Close()

func (*Router) Select

func (r *Router) Select(ctx context.Context, svc naming.Service, nodes []naming.Instance) (selects []naming.Instance)

type Rule

type Rule struct {
	RouteRuleId string    `yaml:"routeRuleId"`
	RouteId     string    `yaml:"routeId"`
	TagList     []TagRule `yaml:"tagList"`
	DestList    []Dest    `yaml:"destList"`

type RuleGroup

type RuleGroup struct {
	RouteId          string `yaml:"routeId"`
	RouteName        string `yaml:"routeName"`
	RouteDesc        string `yaml:"routeDesc"`
	MicroserivceId   string `yaml:"microserivceId"`
	RuleList         []Rule `yaml:"ruleList"`
	NamespaceId      string `yaml:"namespaceId"`
	MicroserviceName string `yaml:"microserviceName"`
	FallbackStatus   bool   `yaml:"fallbackStatus"`

type TagRule

type TagRule struct {
	TagID       string `yaml:"tagID"`
	TagType     string `yaml:"tagType"`
	TagField    string `yaml:"tagField"`
	TagOperator string `yaml:"tagOperator"`
	TagValue    string `yaml:"tagValue"`
	RouteRuleId string `yaml:"routeRuleId"`

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