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GoWorkshop - Echo Version


Compile and run the service:

go build -o gowo

The commands below use the httpie tool to call the service.

This set of commands creates a new course, shows it and then deletes it. The last command shows the course one more time to prove it was deleted.

http POST localhost:8000/courses name=new_course description="awesome content" start_time=2016-11-02T09:00:00-08:00 end_time=2016-11-02T17:00:00-08:00 location="Santa Barbara"
http localhost:8000/courses/10 -v
http DELETE localhost:8000/courses/10 -v
http localhost:8000/courses/10 -v

This set of commands list all existing registrations, create a new one, list all registrations again to show the newly created registration and finally show the newly created registration.

http localhost:8000/registrations -v
http POST localhost:8000/registrations first_name=me last_name=here address:='{"number":43,"street":"Some Street","city":"Denver","state":"CO","zip":80205}' course_href=/courses/1 -v
http localhost:8000/registrations -v
http localhost:8000/registrations/11 -v


The Go Gopher

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