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##GenKit This is a proof of concept go generator that generates everything but the main package to create a service from one of your types.

It's slightly opinionated, in that I needed a service that publishes to statsd, so I used the statsd metrics package. We also standardized on Logrus at $work so this uses logrus instead of kit/log. Pull requests to make this optional/switchable are welcome.

Given this type:

type User struct {
	ID string
	Name string

to create a go-kit HTTP/JSON service, you simply need to annotate the type with a comment like this:

// @service
type User struct {
	ID string
	Name string

and add //go:generate genkit $GOFILE as the first line of the file containing the type.

GenKit will generate files based on the example services in GoKit's repository. All that's missing is a main.go in a parent directory.

Simplified example main :

package main
import (
	... some packages ...
func main() {
	ctx := context.Background()
	http.Handle("/users/", http.StripPrefix("/users", user.GetMux(ctx)))
	listen := fmt.Sprintf(":%d", port)
	err:= http.ListenAndServe(listen, nil)


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based on gokit which is MIT licensed by Peter Bourgon

Much of the code generation code is directly lifted from Brett Slatkin's awesome example: That code is Apache licensed.


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