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func GetKubeClientFromOutsideCluster

func GetKubeClientFromOutsideCluster(kubeconfigpath string, insecureSkipTLSVerify bool) (*rest.Config, error)

GetKubeClientFromOutsideCluster returns the rest config of outside cluster

func GetKubeClientSet

func GetKubeClientSet(kubeConfig *rest.Config) (*kubernetes.Clientset, error)

GetKubeClientSet will return the kube clientset

func GetKubeConfig

func GetKubeConfig(kubeconfigpath string, insecureSkipTLSVerify bool) (*rest.Config, error)

GetKubeConfig will return the kube config

func GinRequestLogger

func GinRequestLogger() gin.HandlerFunc

GinRequestLogger is used to log the GIN requests

type Config

type Config struct {
	DryRun                        bool
	LogLevel                      string
	Namespace                     string
	CrdNamespace                  string
	Threadiness                   int
	PostgresRestartInMins         int64
	HubFederatorConfig            *HubFederatorConfig
	PodWaitTimeoutSeconds         int64
	ResyncIntervalInSeconds       int64
	TerminationGracePeriodSeconds int64
	AdmissionWebhookListener      bool
	CrdNames                      string
	IsClusterScoped               bool
	IsOpenshift                   bool
	Version                       string

Config type will be used for protoform config that bootstraps everything

func GetConfig

func GetConfig(configPath string, version string) (*Config, error)

GetConfig will read the config file and set in the Viper

func (*Config) GetLogLevel

func (config *Config) GetLogLevel() (log.Level, error)

GetLogLevel will set the log level

func (*Config) SelfSetDefaults

func (config *Config) SelfSetDefaults()

SelfSetDefaults ...

type Deployer

type Deployer struct {
	Config             *Config
	KubeConfig         *rest.Config
	KubeClientSet      *kubernetes.Clientset
	APIExtensionClient *apiextensionsclient.Clientset
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Deployer handles deploying configured components to a cluster

func NewController

func NewController(configPath string, version string) (*Deployer, error)

NewController will initialize the input config file, create the hub informers, initiantiate all rest api

func NewDeployer

func NewDeployer(config *Config, kubeConfig *rest.Config, kubeClientSet *kubernetes.Clientset) (*Deployer, error)

NewDeployer will create the specification that is used for deploying controllers

func (*Deployer) AddController

func (d *Deployer) AddController(controller crd.ProtoformControllerInterface)

AddController will add the controllers to the list

func (*Deployer) Cleanup

func (d *Deployer) Cleanup()

Cleanup makes an empty controller list

func (*Deployer) Deploy

func (d *Deployer) Deploy() error

Deploy will deploy the controllers

type HubConfig

type HubConfig struct {
	User                         string
	PasswordEnvVar               string
	ClientTimeoutMilliseconds    int
	Port                         int
	FetchAllProjectsPauseSeconds int

HubConfig will have the configuration related to Blackduck

type HubFederatorConfig

type HubFederatorConfig struct {
	HubConfig    *HubConfig
	UseMockMode  bool
	Port         int
	Registry     string
	ImagePath    string
	ImageName    string
	ImageVersion string

HubFederatorConfig will have the configuration related to hub federator

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