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func GetConfirm

func GetConfirm(c *ConfirmArgs) (bool, error)

    GetConfirm prompts a user for a yes or no answer. In order to test this function some extra parameters are required:

    out: an io.Writer that allows you to direct prints to stdout or another location message: the string that will be printed just before prompting for a yes or no. answer: "", "yes", or "no" - this allows for easier testing


    type ConfirmArgs

    type ConfirmArgs struct {
    	Out     io.Writer // os.Stdout or &bytes.Buffer used to output the message above the confirmation
    	Message string    // what you want to say to the user before confirming
    	Default string    // if you hit enter instead of yes or no should it approve or deny
    	TestVal string    // if you need to test without the interactive prompt then set the user response here
    	Retries int       // how many tines to ask for a valid confirmation before giving up
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      ConfirmArgs encapsulates the arguments that can he passed to GetConfirm

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