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const DefaultSeparator = "…"
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const Name = "simple"


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func Constructor

func Constructor(config map[string]interface{}, cache *registry.Cache) (highlight.Highlighter, error)


type FragmentQueue

type FragmentQueue []*highlight.Fragment

    FragmentQueue implements heap.Interface and holds Items.

    func (FragmentQueue) Len

    func (fq FragmentQueue) Len() int

    func (FragmentQueue) Less

    func (fq FragmentQueue) Less(i, j int) bool

    func (*FragmentQueue) Pop

    func (fq *FragmentQueue) Pop() interface{}

    func (*FragmentQueue) Push

    func (fq *FragmentQueue) Push(x interface{})

    func (FragmentQueue) Swap

    func (fq FragmentQueue) Swap(i, j int)

    type FragmentScorer

    type FragmentScorer struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      FragmentScorer will score fragments by how many unique terms occur in the fragment with no regard for any boost values used in the original query

      func NewFragmentScorer

      func NewFragmentScorer(tlm search.TermLocationMap) *FragmentScorer

      func (*FragmentScorer) Score

      func (s *FragmentScorer) Score(f *highlight.Fragment)

      type Highlighter

      type Highlighter struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      func NewHighlighter

      func NewHighlighter(fragmenter highlight.Fragmenter, formatter highlight.FragmentFormatter, separator string) *Highlighter

      func (*Highlighter) BestFragmentInField

      func (s *Highlighter) BestFragmentInField(dm *search.DocumentMatch, doc *document.Document, field string) string

      func (*Highlighter) BestFragmentsInField

      func (s *Highlighter) BestFragmentsInField(dm *search.DocumentMatch, doc *document.Document, field string, num int) []string

      func (*Highlighter) FragmentFormatter

      func (s *Highlighter) FragmentFormatter() highlight.FragmentFormatter

      func (*Highlighter) Fragmenter

      func (s *Highlighter) Fragmenter() highlight.Fragmenter

      func (*Highlighter) Separator

      func (s *Highlighter) Separator() string

      func (*Highlighter) SetFragmentFormatter

      func (s *Highlighter) SetFragmentFormatter(f highlight.FragmentFormatter)

      func (*Highlighter) SetFragmenter

      func (s *Highlighter) SetFragmenter(f highlight.Fragmenter)

      func (*Highlighter) SetSeparator

      func (s *Highlighter) SetSeparator(sep string)