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const (
	MaxVarintSize = 9

	// IntMin is chosen such that the range of int tags does not overlap the
	// ascii character set that is frequently used in testing.
	IntMin = 0x80 // 128

	// IntMax is the maximum int tag value.
	IntMax = 0xfd // 253


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var AnEmptyPostingsIterator = &EmptyPostingsIterator{}
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var ErrClosed = fmt.Errorf("index closed")
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var ErrMemUvarintReaderOverflow = errors.New("MemUvarintReader overflow")


func DecodeUvarintAscending

func DecodeUvarintAscending(b []byte) ([]byte, uint64, error)

    DecodeUvarintAscending decodes a varint encoded uint64 from the input buffer. The remainder of the input buffer and the decoded uint64 are returned.

    func EncodeUvarintAscending

    func EncodeUvarintAscending(b []byte, v uint64) []byte

      EncodeUvarintAscending encodes the uint64 value using a variable length (length-prefixed) representation. The length is encoded as a single byte indicating the number of encoded bytes (-8) to follow. See EncodeVarintAscending for rationale. The encoded bytes are appended to the supplied buffer and the final buffer is returned.

      func IncrementBytes

      func IncrementBytes(in []byte) []byte

      func LiteralPrefix

      func LiteralPrefix(s *syntax.Regexp) string

        Returns the literal prefix given the parse tree for a regexp

        func ParseRegexp

        func ParseRegexp(pattern string) (a *regexp.Regexp, prefixBeg, prefixEnd []byte, err error)


        type DictionaryIterator

        type DictionaryIterator interface {
        	Next() (*index.DictEntry, error)

        type DocVisitState

        type DocVisitState interface {

        type DocumentFieldTermVisitable

        type DocumentFieldTermVisitable interface {
        	VisitDocumentFieldTerms(localDocNum uint64, fields []string,
        		visitor index.DocumentFieldTermVisitor, optional DocVisitState) (DocVisitState, error)
        	// VisitableDocValueFields implementation should return
        	// the list of fields which are document value persisted and
        	// therefore visitable by the above VisitDocumentFieldTerms method.
        	VisitableDocValueFields() ([]string, error)

          DocumentFieldTermVisitable is implemented by various scorch segment implementations with persistence for the un inverting of the postings or other indexed values.

          type DocumentFieldValueVisitor

          type DocumentFieldValueVisitor func(field string, typ byte, value []byte, pos []uint64) bool

            DocumentFieldValueVisitor defines a callback to be visited for each stored field value. The return value determines if the visitor should keep going. Returning true continues visiting, false stops.

            type EmptyDictionary

            type EmptyDictionary struct{}

            func (*EmptyDictionary) AutomatonIterator

            func (e *EmptyDictionary) AutomatonIterator(a vellum.Automaton,
            	startKeyInclusive, endKeyExclusive []byte) DictionaryIterator

            func (*EmptyDictionary) Contains

            func (e *EmptyDictionary) Contains(key []byte) (bool, error)

            func (*EmptyDictionary) Iterator

            func (e *EmptyDictionary) Iterator() DictionaryIterator

            func (*EmptyDictionary) OnlyIterator

            func (e *EmptyDictionary) OnlyIterator(onlyTerms [][]byte,
            	includeCount bool) DictionaryIterator

            func (*EmptyDictionary) PostingsList

            func (e *EmptyDictionary) PostingsList(term []byte,
            	except *roaring.Bitmap, prealloc PostingsList) (PostingsList, error)

            func (*EmptyDictionary) PrefixIterator

            func (e *EmptyDictionary) PrefixIterator(prefix string) DictionaryIterator

            func (*EmptyDictionary) RangeIterator

            func (e *EmptyDictionary) RangeIterator(start, end string) DictionaryIterator

            type EmptyDictionaryIterator

            type EmptyDictionaryIterator struct{}

            func (*EmptyDictionaryIterator) Contains

            func (e *EmptyDictionaryIterator) Contains(key []byte) (bool, error)

            func (*EmptyDictionaryIterator) Next

            type EmptyPostingsIterator

            type EmptyPostingsIterator struct{}

            func (*EmptyPostingsIterator) Advance

            func (e *EmptyPostingsIterator) Advance(uint64) (Posting, error)

            func (*EmptyPostingsIterator) Next

            func (e *EmptyPostingsIterator) Next() (Posting, error)

            func (*EmptyPostingsIterator) Size

            func (e *EmptyPostingsIterator) Size() int

            type EmptyPostingsList

            type EmptyPostingsList struct{}

            func (*EmptyPostingsList) Count

            func (e *EmptyPostingsList) Count() uint64

            func (*EmptyPostingsList) Iterator

            func (e *EmptyPostingsList) Iterator(includeFreq, includeNorm, includeLocations bool,
            	prealloc PostingsIterator) PostingsIterator

            func (*EmptyPostingsList) Size

            func (e *EmptyPostingsList) Size() int

            type EmptySegment

            type EmptySegment struct{}

            func (*EmptySegment) AddRef

            func (e *EmptySegment) AddRef()

            func (*EmptySegment) Close

            func (e *EmptySegment) Close() error

            func (*EmptySegment) Count

            func (e *EmptySegment) Count() uint64

            func (*EmptySegment) DecRef

            func (e *EmptySegment) DecRef() error

            func (*EmptySegment) Dictionary

            func (e *EmptySegment) Dictionary(field string) (TermDictionary, error)

            func (*EmptySegment) DocID

            func (e *EmptySegment) DocID(num uint64) ([]byte, error)

            func (*EmptySegment) DocNumbers

            func (e *EmptySegment) DocNumbers([]string) (*roaring.Bitmap, error)

            func (*EmptySegment) Fields

            func (e *EmptySegment) Fields() []string

            func (*EmptySegment) Size

            func (e *EmptySegment) Size() uint64

            func (*EmptySegment) VisitDocument

            func (e *EmptySegment) VisitDocument(num uint64, visitor DocumentFieldValueVisitor) error

            type Location

            type Location interface {
            	Field() string
            	Start() uint64
            	End() uint64
            	Pos() uint64
            	ArrayPositions() []uint64
            	Size() int

            type MemUvarintReader

            type MemUvarintReader struct {
            	C int // index of next byte to read from S
            	S []byte

            func NewMemUvarintReader

            func NewMemUvarintReader(s []byte) *MemUvarintReader

            func (*MemUvarintReader) Len

            func (r *MemUvarintReader) Len() int

              Len returns the number of unread bytes.

              func (*MemUvarintReader) ReadUvarint

              func (r *MemUvarintReader) ReadUvarint() (uint64, error)

                ReadUvarint reads an encoded uint64. The original code this was based on is at encoding/binary/ReadUvarint().

                func (*MemUvarintReader) Reset

                func (r *MemUvarintReader) Reset(s []byte)

                func (*MemUvarintReader) SkipBytes

                func (r *MemUvarintReader) SkipBytes(count int)

                  SkipBytes skips a count number of bytes.

                  func (*MemUvarintReader) SkipUvarint

                  func (r *MemUvarintReader) SkipUvarint()

                    SkipUvarint skips ahead one encoded uint64.

                    type OptimizablePostingsIterator

                    type OptimizablePostingsIterator interface {
                    	ActualBitmap() *roaring.Bitmap
                    	DocNum1Hit() (uint64, bool)

                    type PersistedSegment

                    type PersistedSegment interface {
                    	Path() string

                    type Plugin

                    type Plugin interface {
                    	// Type is the name for this segment plugin
                    	Type() string
                    	// Version is a numeric value identifying a specific version of this type.
                    	// When incompatible changes are made to a particular type of plugin, the
                    	// version must be incremented.
                    	Version() uint32
                    	// New takes a set of AnalysisResults and turns them into a new Segment
                    	New(results []*index.AnalysisResult) (Segment, uint64, error)
                    	// Open attempts to open the file at the specified path and
                    	// return the corresponding Segment
                    	Open(path string) (Segment, error)
                    	// Merge takes a set of Segments, and creates a new segment on disk at
                    	// the specified path.
                    	// Drops is a set of bitmaps (one for each segment) indicating which
                    	// documents can be dropped from the segments during the merge.
                    	// If the closeCh channel is closed, Merge will cease doing work at
                    	// the next opportunity, and return an error (closed).
                    	// StatsReporter can optionally be provided, in which case progress
                    	// made during the merge is reported while operation continues.
                    	// Returns:
                    	// A slice of new document numbers (one for each input segment),
                    	// this allows the caller to know a particular document's new
                    	// document number in the newly merged segment.
                    	// The number of bytes written to the new segment file.
                    	// An error, if any occurred.
                    	Merge(segments []Segment, drops []*roaring.Bitmap, path string,
                    		closeCh chan struct{}, s StatsReporter) (
                    		[][]uint64, uint64, error)

                      Plugin represents the essential functions required by a package to plug in it's segment implementation

                      type Posting

                      type Posting interface {
                      	Number() uint64
                      	Frequency() uint64
                      	Norm() float64
                      	Locations() []Location
                      	Size() int

                      type PostingsIterator

                      type PostingsIterator interface {
                      	// The caller is responsible for copying whatever it needs from
                      	// the returned Posting instance before calling Next(), as some
                      	// implementations may return a shared instance to reduce memory
                      	// allocations.
                      	Next() (Posting, error)
                      	// Advance will return the posting with the specified doc number
                      	// or if there is no such posting, the next posting.
                      	// Callers MUST NOT attempt to pass a docNum that is less than or
                      	// equal to the currently visited posting doc Num.
                      	Advance(docNum uint64) (Posting, error)
                      	Size() int

                      func NewUnadornedPostingsIteratorFrom1Hit

                      func NewUnadornedPostingsIteratorFrom1Hit(docNum1Hit uint64) PostingsIterator

                      func NewUnadornedPostingsIteratorFromBitmap

                      func NewUnadornedPostingsIteratorFromBitmap(bm *roaring.Bitmap) PostingsIterator

                      type PostingsList

                      type PostingsList interface {
                      	Iterator(includeFreq, includeNorm, includeLocations bool, prealloc PostingsIterator) PostingsIterator
                      	Size() int
                      	Count() uint64

                      type Segment

                      type Segment interface {
                      	Dictionary(field string) (TermDictionary, error)
                      	VisitDocument(num uint64, visitor DocumentFieldValueVisitor) error
                      	DocID(num uint64) ([]byte, error)
                      	Count() uint64
                      	DocNumbers([]string) (*roaring.Bitmap, error)
                      	Fields() []string
                      	Close() error
                      	Size() int
                      	DecRef() error

                      type StatsReporter

                      type StatsReporter interface {
                      	ReportBytesWritten(bytesWritten uint64)

                      type TermDictionary

                      type TermDictionary interface {
                      	PostingsList(term []byte, except *roaring.Bitmap, prealloc PostingsList) (PostingsList, error)
                      	Iterator() DictionaryIterator
                      	PrefixIterator(prefix string) DictionaryIterator
                      	RangeIterator(start, end string) DictionaryIterator
                      	AutomatonIterator(a vellum.Automaton,
                      		startKeyInclusive, endKeyExclusive []byte) DictionaryIterator
                      	OnlyIterator(onlyTerms [][]byte, includeCount bool) DictionaryIterator
                      	Contains(key []byte) (bool, error)

                      type UnadornedPosting

                      type UnadornedPosting uint64

                      func (UnadornedPosting) Frequency

                      func (p UnadornedPosting) Frequency() uint64

                      func (UnadornedPosting) Locations

                      func (p UnadornedPosting) Locations() []Location

                      func (UnadornedPosting) Norm

                      func (p UnadornedPosting) Norm() float64

                      func (UnadornedPosting) Number

                      func (p UnadornedPosting) Number() uint64

                      func (UnadornedPosting) Size

                      func (p UnadornedPosting) Size() int

                      type UnadornedPostingsIterator1Hit

                      type UnadornedPostingsIterator1Hit struct {
                      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                      func (*UnadornedPostingsIterator1Hit) Advance

                      func (i *UnadornedPostingsIterator1Hit) Advance(docNum uint64) (Posting, error)

                      func (*UnadornedPostingsIterator1Hit) Next

                      func (*UnadornedPostingsIterator1Hit) Size

                      type UnadornedPostingsIteratorBitmap

                      type UnadornedPostingsIteratorBitmap struct {
                      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                      func (*UnadornedPostingsIteratorBitmap) ActualBitmap

                      func (i *UnadornedPostingsIteratorBitmap) ActualBitmap() *roaring.Bitmap

                      func (*UnadornedPostingsIteratorBitmap) Advance

                      func (i *UnadornedPostingsIteratorBitmap) Advance(docNum uint64) (Posting, error)

                      func (*UnadornedPostingsIteratorBitmap) DocNum1Hit

                      func (i *UnadornedPostingsIteratorBitmap) DocNum1Hit() (uint64, bool)

                      func (*UnadornedPostingsIteratorBitmap) Next

                      func (*UnadornedPostingsIteratorBitmap) ReplaceActual

                      func (i *UnadornedPostingsIteratorBitmap) ReplaceActual(actual *roaring.Bitmap)

                      func (*UnadornedPostingsIteratorBitmap) Size

                      type UnpersistedSegment

                      type UnpersistedSegment interface {
                      	Persist(path string) error