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var Extensions map[string]interface{}


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type Interface

type Interface interface {
	Namespace() string

func Register

func Register(extension Interface) Interface

type String

type String struct{}

func (String) Namespace

func (_s String) Namespace() string

func (String) UpperCamel

func (_s String) UpperCamel(s string) (string, error)

type Time

type Time time.Time

func (Time) ANSIC

func (t Time) ANSIC() string

func (Time) Kitchen

func (t Time) Kitchen() string

func (Time) Namespace

func (t Time) Namespace() string

func (Time) Now

func (t Time) Now(format string) string

func (Time) RFC1123

func (t Time) RFC1123() string

func (Time) RFC1123Z

func (t Time) RFC1123Z() string

func (Time) RFC3339

func (t Time) RFC3339() string

func (Time) RFC3339Nano

func (t Time) RFC3339Nano() string

func (Time) RFC822

func (t Time) RFC822() string

func (Time) RFC822Z

func (t Time) RFC822Z() string

func (Time) RFC850

func (t Time) RFC850() string

func (Time) RubyDate

func (t Time) RubyDate() string

func (Time) Stamp

func (t Time) Stamp() string

func (Time) StampMicro

func (t Time) StampMicro() string

func (Time) StampMilli

func (t Time) StampMilli() string

func (Time) StampNano

func (t Time) StampNano() string

func (Time) String

func (t Time) String() string

func (Time) UnixDate

func (t Time) UnixDate() string

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